Motorola Droid: A Moto-iPhone killer?

On October 19, 2009, in Cell Phones, by KLS

A slim sliding QWERTY, a five megapixel camera, 3.7-inch display, a slim body just slightly thicker than that of the iPhone, oh and it runs Android 2.0 – could this be the perfect iPhone killer waiting to be unleashed?


Hardware wise, the Motorola Droid will be the most competent Android phone yet to fight it out against the likes of iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre. Underneath the business smartphone style design is the same snappy core processor, the TI OMAP3430 which powers the iPhone 3GS. Can’t wait to find out more, hit the jump and check out the full highlights from BGR’s brief hands on.

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Readers here at GadgetLite who are keen gamers of games like WoW will definitely have heard of the Wolfking Warrior game pad keyboard a simple, easy to use device ideal for first-person-shooter (FPS) games and possibly any game you can imagine that suits it style. The aim of the unique design is essentially to help enhance his or her gameplay experience. But the Wolfking Warrior is now old, because there is now a new one out called the Warrior XXTREME gamepad (you could take a look at the Wolfking Warrior review first though, at TechRepublic).

Compared to the old Warrior (red), the Warrior XXTREME is twice the bulkier (black) with an ergonomic design:



As you will see in the videos after the jump, it’s not the best keyboard if you’re not a serious gamer and want to use it for other purposes such as emailing, messaging, document processing. Plenty of shortcut keys which should be useful for online gaming. The back light I think has been really well thought out, it should prove to be welcomed for those who game late into the night (and morning!) while everyone else is already asleep.

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This keyboard design known as the Yu Type keyboard created by Royal College of Art student Yusuf Muhammad in the design competition held by Toyota. The design should prove to be helpful especially for those who struggle to learn and type with all ten fingers (you know, the two finger typist or aka hunt and peck typist…), the Yu Type keyboard would give the opportunity to increase their speed and confidence as they would be able to hunt, peck and see what they’ve typed on the mini display instead of painfully extending their neck contantly just to check whether they’ve made a mistake. Still though, the best way is really to learn to type properly if you asked me!


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You will recall not very long ago, we were sent the fantastically glossy, super lightweight, latest netbook from Dell, the Inspiron Mini 9. It’s taken us some time to review fully in detail, but as you will see in our review below we think Dell has done a great job in bringing us this netbook,

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I’d say this new keyboard design is probably the wackiest one I’ve seen, as you will see in the video, Safetype is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis of the hand, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other joint problems relating to the hand. However, to be able to use this new ergonomic keyboard, you would need to be a pretty good typer because you won’t actually be able to see the keys as you type!

Here are some pictures taken from Safetype:

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