Remember Keepon, the cute little robot by the new robotics firm BeatBots we talked about a few days ago? Well BeatBots have started an online shop over at Zazzle (link below) and their first item to get stocked up is a very geeky t-shirt which they call the RobotFish. Needless to say, there isn’t much you need me to describe because the cartoon on the tee pretty much says it all, sorry Darwin, but you’re getting phased out by your own theory! 🙁

For $29, you can get your hands on the tee now from a range of sizes and a variey of colours!

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Keepon, the robot which was once just a oneoff hand-crafted project is now being mass produced by its creators who have started their own company called BeatBots. The little guy will (actually, is now) be on sale for a base price of $30,000, primarily targetting researchers interested in the field of robotics or more specifically the subject of Human Robot Interaction.

Now, obviously I realise what you are probably thinking right now, that little thing for 30-grand? But, apparently, if you wait a little while, they are planning to come out with a new version which will use a simpler mechanism and have a cheaper price tag.

Watch this video of Keepon in action, then you might know what all the fuzz is about…

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