Picasa has always been a long time competitor of Mac’s iLife iPhoto, however, the release of the latest iPhoto ’09 yesterday at MacWorld might just bring a short lasting temporaily end to this battle (until Picassa updates that is). The new iPhoto has so much to offer and social networking freaks like myself absolutely adore those new functions!

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iPhoto has been updated with two features called “Faces” and “Places.” Faces, as you may have guessed, lets you tag photos by subjects’ faces, similar to what Facebook and Picasa have done. iPhoto makes its best guess as to the identity of a subject based on previous tags and asks for confirmation, which is pretty innovative!

Places allows for geotagging of photos. Some cameras and the iPhone 3G will use GPS information to tag photos. iPhoto then organizes those photos by location, or “place.” Also, Flickr and Facebook support are built-in. Those without GPS access can retro-tag photos by hand.




[via Gizmodo]

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