Colorware is at it again, this time the iPhone 3G. Colorware are the people who originally brought us the first revolution against Steve Jobs’ boring iPhone colour, these guys wanted to show us that we could too have some fun and bring on our iPhones customisable colours. As well as iPhones, Colorware have expanded their quality service and expertise towards other gadgets and smartphones like the Blackberrys, Sidekick and also game consoles like the Wii, PSP, PS3 and XBox 360. They have been known to help users create colours that are unique to their taste, to me I think the best part of it all is the design process using their online studio that they offer on their site, its quite fun!

Colorware Iphone 3g Page 489x201

However, all the fun does come at a hefty price. For the iPhone 3G in question for example, you’re looking at $150 USD for the back, $20 for the frame, another $20 for the button, $10 for the SIM card tray and $10 for the earbuds. If you really want your whole set of iPhone to be special, you can also customise your iPhone dock at a cost of $20. So in total the maximum you’re looking at is about $230 USD!

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As you will know, the iPhone Dev Team have yet to produce a Pwnage tool that will be able to unlock the latest iPhone 3G, though you can jailbreak, you can’t unlock.

Unlock Iphone 3g I Smartphone Gadget Clip Sim Card

The latest unlock clip from Brando is probably the closest thing you can do at the moment to unlock your iPhone.

I’m not entirely sure how it works, but its been designed to says specifically on Brando’s site that it has been designed to unlock operator / SIM card locked Apple iPhone 3G phones. Its really easy to use, all you need to do is slide the attachment under your “normal” SIM card (the one that you wish to use).

Just released the i-Smartphone unlock clip costs $20.50 USD and has been claimed by Brando to also unlock various brands of GSM smartphones. Click here for more details…

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iPod Touch users have been pretty much left out in the recent weeks with all the iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking that’s been going on but just right now I came across something just for you guys. As you will be aware, it’s been completely free for iPhone users to upgrade to firmware 2.0 but for iPod Touch users, they have been required to pay $9.25! I too think this is unfair but nothing could have been done about it, not until now!

Apple Ipod Touch 20 Firmware Software Update Free Download 490x240

If you’ve waited this long and not upgraded the firmware on your Touch just because of the pricing then its worth giving this go. Just follow these simple steps which will only take you about five minutes.

  1. Download iTunes 7.7 from Here
  2. Download iTouch 2.0 firmware from links below:,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw
  3. Hold Shift and click Restore.
  4. Select iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw

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After the ‘cracking iPhone 3G’ news, it seems the iPhone 3G has yet to offer another rather shocking and hopefully one-off problem. Pictured are shots of an overheated and as a result an iPhone 3G with a melted casing. All the hardware is working fine and are intact but the dock connector was damaged which would probably mean that the phone will be useless as it cannot be neither charged nor synced.

Apple Iphone 3g Black Overheat Burnt Leg Melted Casing 2

Apparently the story behind this was a member of the Mac Rumors forum fell asleep with his iPhone 3G left in his pocket, but he soon woke up in pain to find that his iPhone had overheated and burnt the skin over his leg. When taken out of the pocket, the iPhone 3G was hot and the plastic casing had melted! The user in question had noted that he had disabled 3G as well as push services and the screen was set to auto-lock in a minute, so it was unlikely that this situation should have happened. Take a look at the photos below, hopefully this was just a one off incident, but I reckon this will be a difficult one for the warranty to cover!

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If you own the new iPhone 3G, particularly the white one and think that its been looking abit strangely with new signs of ‘cracks’ to its casing recently, then it may actually not be your fault. Though this can obviously be due to ‘abuse’ of your iPhone, god knows what some people do to their phones, some users of the latest iPhone 3G have noticed this happening despite the phone being in brilliant condition. It appears that this problem has been occurring amongst the latest iPhone 3G users, with the majority being the white ones. The cracks have been observed around corners, volume and vibrate controls, near speakers and the headphone jack.

Though I haven’t heard anything like this from our readers, it seems if you’ve been experiencing this problem you may be eligible for a brand new replacement. However that is to say this replacement is not guaranteed and you should expect a scrutiny of questions and examination by the Apple staff on your attempt to claim a new iPhone as there is absolutely no doubt that some will try to get their hands on a new iPhone by inducing a bit of DIY ‘crack’ like damage…

White Apple Iphone 3g Damage Cracks Replacement 4 490x372

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Yes, it’s that time again, time for another rumor! We’ve had concepts of what the next PSP could be like in the past months, such as the iWish which was a rather ridiculous and impossible thinking that both the PSP and iPhone could combine together. Then abit further back, we had the PSPhone, which was also another concept combining the PSP with the functions of a phone, if you just searched for PSP on our blog, I’m sure you’re find a few more. More recently, I saw a ‘sleeker’ concept for what the next PSP could look like, but really none of those that I just mentioned above claims that this will be PSP 2 which makes them reasonable. But what I have in the pics below are from a site that claims this will be the next PSP, in other words PSP 2 or PSP 3000 as some are calling it.

It’s in black and as you can see there is a new PlayStation button, with the mic and a thinner outer ring. There’s also the headphone jack with the TV out port which features more arrows than before.

Psp 2 3000 Rumor Pics Leaked Gallery Sony Playstation

Well what do you guys think? Because it’s from a site called pspchina (I know, my mind is full of pre-assumptions, I’m sorry!), it’s made me remain skeptical about it, what about you?

[via Gizmodo, PSPChina]

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You’re new to the iPhone or new to the world of jailbreaking the iPhone, whether you bought the latest brand new iPhone 3G or found an absolute bargain for the first generation iPhone (2G) off eBay and mistakenly updated its firmware after switching it on the first time, you might find the links below useful to sort out your current problem.

For the iPhone 2G on firmware 2.0:

  • Unless you wish to, you no longer have to downgrade your iPhone from 2.0 back to 1.1.4 in order to re-jailbreak or re-unlock (exception for Windows users, see below)
  • For Mac users: The Pwnage Tool released by the iPhone Dev Team is what you need to jailbreak, unlock and activate the first generation iPhone. The first version, 2.0 received a number of complaints regarding errors, however if you’ve successfully run the Pwnage Tool 2.0 and have had no problems then you should not try to jailbreak again using the latest version 2.0.1.
  • Windows users: Update (27/07/2008): iPhone users have come up with a way to jailbreak, unlock and activate your first generation iPhone. As you are aware, the Pwnage Tool isn’t compatible with Windows, instead a WinPWN 1.0 has been released to do this job. You can download this here. Unfortunately for Windows users, its abit more complicated because the WinPWN is used to pwn firmware 1.1.4 and not 2.0 directly, so you will need to get your iPhone back to 1.1.4 first before proceeding. Follow all the instructions precisely here, it’s a few extra steps compared to Mac users, but in the end you will be able to jailbreak, unlock and activate your 2G iPhone and run firmware 2.0. This new version of the WinPwn tool is much less complicated than its previous version and will jailbreak and unlock your first generation iPhone. Also you no longer need to be in firmware version 1.1.4 to start off with, you can be using 2.0 and the WinPwn tool will support it. For more info, here is where you need to go.

For the iPhone 3G (firmware 2.0 of course):

  • For Mac users: The Pwnage Tool, latest version 2.0.1 is what you need. Though it is the latest version of the tool, the tool still cannot unlock your iPhone. The Pwnage Tool 2.0.1 will however be able to jailbreak your iPhone 3G so that you can run all the apps you like, click here for the link for further details.
  • For Windows users: Folks at Forums have figured out a way to jailbreak iPhone 3G using Windows, again this does not unlock the iPhone 3G. This process does not involve using any kind of Pwnage Tool, it involves downloading some recovery files and custom restore files, you need to follow the link here. Update (27/07/2008): the latest version of WinPwn has been released: version is currently the best and most stable. However, the WinPwn, like the Pwnage Tool for Mac will not unlock your iPhone 3G but will jailbreak it. More info here

So that’s all for the moment, remember the iPhone 3G can be jailbroken with the present methods above but not unlocked yet. By using any of the methods, you will always run the risk of getting your iPhone bricked! And as always, we’re not the one who created there methods, credits should be given to the respective members of the online iPhone community, we cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by the methods above, because we’re also just readers and reviewers ourselves! Feel free to leave your comments or suggest any corrections.

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