A couple weeks ago we mentioned about the launch of the Motorola Dext– Motorola’s first ever Android powered smartphone. To be available exclusively from Orange in the UK it has been confirmed that the new Android Moto phone will be on sale in Orange retail outlets from tomorrow as wellas in Phones 4U stores from the 8th October.


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Top 30 tech blogs in the UK

On October 3, 2009, in Listopia, by KLS

wikio-logoHope everyone is having a good weekend, just before our weekly roundup of latest tech and gadgets we wanted to show you this. We’ve been sent an exclusive list of the top 30 most popular technology and gadget blogs based here in the UK, the list has been sent to us and generated by Wikio UK, just thought this would be of interest to you guys – feel free to share it around!

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Its been a while since Motorola caught our attention but last week they’ve finally taken a step forward to unleash their new and first ever Android powered smartphone – the Motorola Dext (or Cliq if you’re elsewhere not in Europe).


Due to arrive the UK next month via Orange, not only will the Dext be an Android powered sliding beast but also one with a touch of Motorola customisation. Known as MOTOBLUR (Motorola Blur), the platform aims to act as a social media aggregator syncing with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Picasa and others onto a customizable homescreen that displays info users want from any of the services.

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Since the news of Nokia’s new N900 Maemo phone became official late last week, there’s been a huge influx of different images, photos and hands on videos onto the internet so we thought it was probably time to gather all of these to create one nice collection. For those who missed the news, the crucial part in our view is less so about the new phone but rather a new mobile operating system known as the Maemo by Nokia.


With every phonemaker trying to gain the edge with their own brand of phone OS, the Finns’ punch line for the Maemo is simple, the internet. The Maemo is very internet centred, in fact, behind the Maemo internet browser is a very familiar fast Mozilla’s engine.

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How to use the iPhone on Verizon

On August 24, 2009, in Cell Phones, Technology, Tips, by KLS

US readers, fed up with running at a slow pace on your iPhone’s AT&T data network? You can consider this alternative, try Verizon.


Verizon’s “MiFi” is a possibility if you are really in need of a stable data network that is dependable (for example if you’re a frequent traveller). But MiFi does come at a cost and you may find yourself being charged as much as $60 per 5GBs of data. Check out how it works after the jump…

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As an outdoor person, we were most delighted to be given a chance to try out this new USB GPS travel logger by i-gotU. For those not familiar with what a GPS logger actually does, by attaching this tiny gadget to a backpack or just pocket it after turning it on, we will then be able to add GPS to keep a record or show others when and where we have been to together with details like the exact longtitude and latitude, speed, altitude, etc. a-trip-websiteTo make sharing the details mentioned above even more easier, i-gotU comes with an extremely easy to use “@trip PC” (linked to www.a-trip.com account) software which functions as a data import client quickly allowing you to manage,geotag and share your recent trips onto blogs as well as photosharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa.

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We apologise for the delay in publishing this second part of our LG Viewty Smart GC900 review. Having received plenty of emails, we thought the most useful way to continue our sequel was to review the main features which you folks wanted us to test out and comment on further.


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