You will of course remember the iControlPad. Though we still have no confirmation of when it will be released this demonstration footage confirms the good news for us that the developers have been working hard and are still up for it! It looks like everything is working quite well, apart from the iPhone looked abit loose when fitted into the pad (when he presses the volume at the start), but apart from that, we’re really looking forward to seeing this go on sale at some point.

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Though the iPhone has already got many fun and entertaining games to offer. Many have always doubted whether the iPhone could really become a gamer’s best friend (maybe not the best, even just a friend) right from the very start when it was launched. With just a touch screen and literally no buttons at all, let’s admit it, the iPhone isn’t necessarily regarded as a proper games console. But now, what you see in the picture below, may be a piece of gadget that may turn that belief around.

Enter the iControlPad, a device that wraps itself around your iPhone and provides some tactile controls to software. Touch Arcade’s got more on how it works and pictures of another rumored device. Buttons that you can see work via delivery through the serial port, the great news is that jailbroken apps already support the pad, with full code and SDK support to come.

Though not yet available for sale, iControlPad is planning on selling for a good affordable price of $30 USD, good price for what it can offer. If the gaming pad does go on sale, it can expect alot of competition from other gaming gadget firms that will follow its path…

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