Just last month we showed you the unboxing video of Dell’s latest very stylish desktop PC, the Hybrid Studio. This time what we have for you folks is another video but one which explores further and deeper than just the packaging boxes of the Hybrid Studio, the desktop PC gets disassembled!

Though Dell would much prefer that you send it back to them to get their precious PC hacked open for upgrades or faults, the guys at HotHardware who love to take things apart decided to do this themselves and explore what’s inside. Amazingly, as you will see in the video, the compact mini PC’s inside hardware can be revealed easily by just taking out three screws, for those who intend on doing this too, be warned, as this voids your warranty!

Here’s the video…

[via HotHardware]

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It was a hot topic when it was first announced two or three weeks ago, everyone was talking about how innovative Dell’s latest Hybrid Studio desktops were, their designs and colours and also how energy efficient they were. And now just after a few weeks, the first unboxing video has been put up onto YouTube by a fellow blogger from over at digitalhomethoughts.com. Watch the video after the jump and see what your first impressions are of the Hybrid Studio, personally I think it’s pretty cool, nice design, small, convenient (though its not a laptop, still matters!) and from £399, that’s not too bad.

Dell Hybrid Studio

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