I suppose the title could also be called rich people furnitures too. Do you have a laptop and often like to do your work on it while sitting in front of your tv? Well now you don’t need to make it so complicated. No more dragging the laptop out into the lounge and run out of battery after a few hours, then to find yourself looking for the laptop power adapter. Because the Athena Multimedia Sofa will take care of all of that, it’s got its own built in pc. The designer Artanova hasn’t given any specs, but from what it looks like, the display should have touch capability. The luxury though does come at an eye-popping price of approx. $15,436, which seems like a bit over the top in these hard times – so the PC in this sofa better be a quiet one, if not that would be quite annoying!


[via Bornrich]

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Did you know today marks an important day in the history of one of our favourite household furniture / appliance – the television! January 26th is a significant date in the history of the television, as it was the day in 1926 that John Logie Baird gave the world’s first public demonstration of a true television system. This happened in his laboratory at 22 Frith Street in the Soho district of London and present for the demonstration were members of the Royal Institution and a journalist from The Times. To celebrate this momentous day, Sony have put together an infographic which plots the history of TV production over the last 50 years. It covers landmarks in technological advancements, and as you can see, many of these coincide with Sony’s own landmark models, showing you guys exactly how much Sony have been involved in the development and advances relating to television technology.


Thanks Mark for sending this in!