Ahead of the official Sony E3 2009 press event which is when we’re meant to receive Sony’s word. It seems plans to continue its podium mark in the handheld gaming device market with Playstation have been leaked in advance. The PSP Go shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for the PSP 3000, but instead, a companion.


While specs are sketchy, you can check out what we do know so far after the jump. Images have revealed that the PSP Go will be slider based, completely UMD-less and will have an internal memory capacity of 16GB.

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At a recent Japanese Nintendo Club event, the website Kombo has reported to have received confirmation that Nintendo will be bringing in a Virtual Console which would become available to the DSi in Japan. This virtual console will allow Gameboy and Gameboy Advance titles to be played on the DSi.


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PSOneP – The Playstation in a box mod

On February 2, 2009, in Gaming, by KLS

No slick and creative Ben Heck design here. When you think of game console mods, you tend to think of modifications that make it either more futuristic in terms of design, more better looking, more fun to play and to show off with but not one in a wooden box like this. In the pictures below, the original Playstation gets stuffed and jammed into an environment I don’t think it is quite used to, neither do I think it looks too comfortable, it looks rather like something you pull out of a drawer…

Take a look at the pictures below…


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Designed by Isamu Sanada the iPod concept features a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, a 3.5mm headphone jack and also dual dock connectors next to the removable game controller.

As you can see this iPod touch nano concept is stuffed with a dual removable game controller. Apple’s next generation of iPods have been in the pipeline for some time now, patents have been filled but nothing has come out on the other side. While iPod touch nano is only a dream for Apple fans and nothing more than image disclosers have really come about – seeing this iPod touch nano concept, we can take the liberty to state that when touch nano is actually delivered, it could bear a resemblance to this… or not?

[via Techeblog]

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You will have heard of the news that Nintendo, like Sony is updating its popular handheld gaming device but with very little changes to its physical appearance. The new Nintendo DS will be called the Nintendo DSi, I suppose the most obvious feature is a slightly larger screen along with a 3 megapixel camera along with a proper SD memory card slot, other hidden features include audio enhancements including the functionality to listen to mp3s.

For more info, I suggest you click here

From what we previously gathered from Nintendo UK, the DSi is now available first in Japan with a retail price tag of 18,900.00 JPY which converts to about £120 pounds. As for other countries, we will need to wait til 2009, so unfortunately, it will be very unlikely that you will see one of these under your Christmas tree (unless of course, if you pop around eBay, but it costs alot more!).