Learn how one man had a vision to create the world’s largest bike…and did!

The world’s largest motorcycle, it is truly massive, watch the video and you’ll see how it compares to normal ‘street friendly’ bikes. I reckon this is probably not road legal though! Anyway, the motorcycle was featured in the 2007 Guinness World Records, it’s so big that it’s not driven like normal motorcycles, you don’t actually need to balance it like a normal bike and well, there’s a steering wheel! So is it actually a bike?

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Having been inspired by the batmobile, this ‘flatmobile’ was built by Perry Watkins from Buckinghamshire, UK. At just 48 cm in height (just abit taller than the ducks at your local lakeside), this car is now officially the ‘lowest’ car in the world, it’s recently gone into the Guinness Book of Records. It is truly ‘low’, so low that the passengers inside it have got the majority of upper body above the car itself… The ‘flatmobile’ is so low that it appears to be nothing when compared to the already very small Fiat Punto (I hope I didn’t get that car wrong, it’s in the pic below). It’s also got a jet engine, but it’s horrible to drive says the creator…

More pics and video below…

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