Nissan’s second attempt (after the Altima Hybrid) to actually become known as a green(ish) automaker in America? The Nissan Leaf is a four-to-five seat, front-drive C-segment hatchback.


Nissan’s main selling point for the Leaf is not just that its a specialty urban runabout, but rather, it was designed as an everyday vehicle that meets the needs of 70% of the world’s motorists. Strictly speaking, we think Nissan’s perspective has been based upon practicality (though important) more than the needs of motorists in terms of exterior design.


From Nissan’s point of view, Nissan says that fully 80% of US drivers travel less than 100km per day (62 miles), making the Leaf a solid fit for America’s motoring majority, even taking into account power-sapping external factors like hilly terrain, accessory draw, and extreme temperatures.


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The video below from the BBC shows you some of the electric, eco-friendly cars from a competition / project recently run by the UK government to encourage automakers to get more creative in thinking about low carbon emissions. Eight car making groups have won a £25 million prize from the government to fund the next generation of greener, cleaner cars.

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