First signs of geekiness: Did you ever get caught doing something similar to this?

First signs of geekiness…


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We all know about the latest news regarding the cyclone which hit Burma about a week ago and how devastating the aftermath has been. But did you know that you can now see in greater detail (than your news channel) the course of the cyclone, details of timing, when it hit and where it first came from just from your desktop? Without a doubt, you were probably able to guess apart from Google, there isn’t much other free technology at the moment that can offer this.

Google’s Google Earth was able to gather from different sources and collaberate layers of visual data through its Outreach program to help any and also those who may be interested in learning more about the cyclone that hit the region and resulted in such a horrible aftermath.

While some may understandably feel that observing the results of Cyclone Nargis dealt upon the people of Myanmar from afar is disturbingly voyeuristic, the fact of the matter is this: the more knowledgeable and aware the world is of what has happened and will happen henceforth, the better. No option in this case is good, but one can certainly make out the differences between bad and worse.

The image below links to Google map…

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[via Mashable]

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Check out this latest laptop concept from Fujitsu, not much technical information is known about it at the moment, it seems Fujitsu is now heading towards the trend and likes of several other firms in an attempt to construct more ‘natural’ looking products. But to carry this around certainly makes you look very mature!

Latest laptop concept: The Fujitsu’s WoodShell wooden laptop…

Latest laptop concept: The Fujitsu’s WoodShell wooden laptop…

I’ve always wondered what anyone should do if these things overheat, would it need extra fans or something, any ideas?

[via Impress]

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Video preview of Google Android Beta running on HTC smartphone…

Some developers have managed to get Google Android Beta running on the Windows Mobile based HTC TyTN II smartphone (also known to many as the AT&T Tilt) and I have to say I’m quite looking forward to having something like it on my phone in the future!

Here’s a quick video…

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Did you know that apart from using Google as a search engine for facts and webpages, you could also use it as a world clock? It’s really simple to use and no more fuzzing around with plus or minus how many hours it is for US, China, France, whatever country or city’s time you’re looking for, Google will do it for you!

All you need to do is in the search form on Google’s page, type in “Time in” followed by the country or city name. If you type in a country name it usually gives you a few time differences between the popular cities of that country, it’s really handy to use…

[via ToThePC]

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Almost every household computer would have a webcam these days, they’re great for chatting online and an excellent way to save on long distance calls too. But how many of you have a webcam from HP and not from Logitech? The answer I’m not 100% certain but I don’t think it’s that many, however, might this latest HP product capture your eyes?

The latest HP Elite Autofocus Webcam has some very outstanding features, though I don’t know about its pricing yet, it’s got functions that far exceeds the needs of any typical online webcam user.

With its 3-megapixel sensor, it is well equipped to produce qualities far beyond that of HD; also on board is autofocus, privacy cover and UVC for driverless install and 320-degree pan angle.

Latest gadgets: HP’s Elite USB 3-megapixel webcam gives you more than HD…

You can expect 30fps at VGA, but only 8 to 9fps at 1280×960. Then again, most ordinary persons don’t need more than 800×600 for video conferencing, and at this res, the webcam can handle at 20fps. There’s an effective focal range from 4 inches to infinity and an integrated stereo mic. Included with the Elite are ArcSoft VideoImpression, Magic-i and PhotoSmart Essential software. The low FPS concern aside, the HP Elite webcam goes nicely with the new breed of glossy black HP LCDs.

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How can you play the piano on an iPhone? The answer is it’s easy, just install the iAno application onto your iPhone and your iPhone becomes a virtual piano, very neat!

Once installed, your iPhone becomes a four octave keyboard virtual piano which supports multiple touch at the same time. Click here for the link for more info on iAno…

[via Technabob]

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