Sony Ericsson has come clean on what new name they’ve decided to change the Idou to, the Satio. Sony Ericsson’s 12 megapixel iPhone killer Idou

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Here is another one of Google’s latest features to be released, Google Latitude. What Google Latitude does is that it lets you see your friends on a map within Google Maps for mobile and iGoogle. Of course, the person you want to see on the map will need to have the appropriate gadget, and you must have their permission first in order to see where they are.


An example of its use could be to plan a meetup with someone anywhere nearby at a point on the map, or see that a loved one has got home safely or just stay in touch (or spy) with friends! 😛

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iPhoto has been updated with two features called “Faces” and “Places.” Faces, as you may have guessed, lets you tag photos by subjects’ faces, similar to what Facebook and Picasa have done. iPhoto makes its best guess as to the identity of a subject based on previous tags and asks for confirmation, which is pretty innovative!

Places allows for geotagging of photos. Some cameras and the iPhone 3G will use GPS information to tag photos. iPhoto then organizes those photos by location, or “place.” Also, Flickr and Facebook support are built-in. Those without GPS access can retro-tag photos by hand.




[via Gizmodo]

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