Technology has been evolving to extremes but the tiny tit bits of innovations that are obvious but still untouched are yet to be explored. One such innovation seems to have hit the brains of people behind Shogun Bros. They have come up with the perfect merging of a mouse controller and game keys that can save a lot of space on your computer table.

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We’re very jealous, the folks over at Pocket-Lint recently got to play with the Acer Aspire Revo nettop which should already be out in the shops near you (since 5th of May). The Aspire Revo nettop is unique as its one of the first of its class to be equipped with new Nvidia ION chips allowing its Intel Atom powered core to display 1080p footage as well as playing games in 3D.


As you will see in the pictures, if you opt for the third option with a pricetag of £299.99 (options here). You’ll get to mount your Aspire Revo onto the back of your PC monitor using its VESTA mount and receive a wireless bar shaped game pad (will cost about £50 on its own) which looks much like that of the Wii’s.

Full gallery after the cut…

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Readers here at GadgetLite who are keen gamers of games like WoW will definitely have heard of the Wolfking Warrior game pad keyboard a simple, easy to use device ideal for first-person-shooter (FPS) games and possibly any game you can imagine that suits it style. The aim of the unique design is essentially to help enhance his or her gameplay experience. But the Wolfking Warrior is now old, because there is now a new one out called the Warrior XXTREME gamepad (you could take a look at the Wolfking Warrior review first though, at TechRepublic).

Compared to the old Warrior (red), the Warrior XXTREME is twice the bulkier (black) with an ergonomic design:



As you will see in the videos after the jump, it’s not the best keyboard if you’re not a serious gamer and want to use it for other purposes such as emailing, messaging, document processing. Plenty of shortcut keys which should be useful for online gaming. The back light I think has been really well thought out, it should prove to be welcomed for those who game late into the night (and morning!) while everyone else is already asleep.

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You will of course remember the iControlPad. Though we still have no confirmation of when it will be released this demonstration footage confirms the good news for us that the developers have been working hard and are still up for it! It looks like everything is working quite well, apart from the iPhone looked abit loose when fitted into the pad (when he presses the volume at the start), but apart from that, we’re really looking forward to seeing this go on sale at some point.

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