When we were first sent the new Sony ICF-CL75iP, the first impression was great, now we can compare it to the ICF-C8WM which we reviewed earlier, a few months ago. But if you read on, you’ll find that during the process of reviewing the ICF-CL75iP, we became increasingly aware that they’re in fact, not comparable. Even if you take away the obvious, that is that both devices support different music players.

review sony icf cl75ip clock radio 12

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Though only available in 8GB at this moment. Samsung’s latest YEPP YP-M1 portable music players (available in black and white) will boast some pretty impressive features. Measuring in at an ultrathin 9.9-mm thick, the YP-M1 packs a 3.3-inch wide AMOLED touchscreen with an nVidia Tegra chipset for HD video playback, Samsung’s DNSe 3.0 technology, T-DMB, FM radio, dictionary function and stereo speakers. Multimedia formats supported includes MPEG4, XviD, H.264, MP3, and WMV. The new 8GB Samsung YP-M1 will be given a pricetag of around $252.


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Solar gadgets: Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600

On September 14, 2009, in Gadgets, by KLS


Designed by the Japanese to help those who need power the most at times of natural disasters, the Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600 is a multi-equipped, emergency lifesaver device that gives you a combination of hand-crank-powered-dynamo LED light, AM/FM radio, three rechargeable AA batteries, and adapters capable of charging most cell phones and portable devices.


Though we don’t usually think about needing these handy gadgets in the UK, this torch could come in handy on outdoor trips such as camping. More importantly for those in other parts of the world where earthquakes occur frequently, this is extremely useful.

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Sony has announced the launch of its latest addition to their Walkman portable video / music players. Believe it or not, the new S Series is the first ever Walkman video MP3 player with built-in stereo speakers. Ultrathin at just 10.2mm thick, the new S Series will be available in four colours: black, pink, violet and red. It features a bright, high resolution 2.4-inch LCD screen, and is designed to play videos in landscape format with a supplied stand accessory. More info and full press release right after the jump…


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Sony has announced two new Sony compact audio systems: NAS-Z200iR and CMT-Z100iR. They may be minimalist in style, but come packed with features: a docking station for an iPod, a slot loading CD player, a USB port, PC streaming and Internet radio (NAS-Z200iR) and an integrated AM/FM radio.


NAS-Z200iR features Certified Wi-Fi, allowing easy wireless data transfer so you can access the music library on your PC, nd play your tracks back on the Z200iR. It also comes with an intuitive remote control with a 3.5-inch LCD display.


The other compact sound systemn is the CMT-Z100iR, which comes in glossyblack and in white. The acoustic technologies used allow music to be delivered in rich and clear sound that’s beyound expectations from a sustem this small.

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We were ecstatic to have been sent the latest Sony X Series Walkman player for a review recently. After testing it out thoroughly for a week, we felt it was about time to share what we

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If you’re a serious gamer, you’ve probably been feeling slightly left out all these years without a phone that properly “clicked” with what you love the most. Now all that is about to change. The latest Sony Ericsson Aino has got everything you’ve been missing in a phone.


The Aino is a slider phone with a large three inch touch enabled display screen with 16 million colours. Running a modified version of Sony Ericsson’s phone OS, do not dare to mistaken the Aino with the likes of business orientated smartphones as it is exactly the opposite.


Running a feature familiar to PSP owners known as Remote play. The Aino has been equipped with the privelge to allow its user to connect to his / her PS3 from anywhere around the globe. With the Aino, all the content on your PS3 is at your fingertips.

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