Yakuza 3

On March 9, 2010, in Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

Yakuza 3 might have been a long time coming, this game is going to be release later this month, but it’s another great PS3 swansong. And it’s easy to see why Sega took its time bringing the game to Europe. On the one hand it’s a very good beat-em-up packed with cool gangsters, the sort of stuff which translates easily but on the other it’s basically an upperclass Japanese lifestyle simulator, which is understandably a much harder sell. You play, Kiryu Kauma, who spends his life alternately brutalizing thugs and dosing around swanky Japanese towns. This is a set against a relentlessly paced mob story that sees our man – the former head of the Tojo clan, now retired called upon a crisis hits his old gang.


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Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

On January 28, 2010, in Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

Concerned that the inclusion of superheroes might reduce the traditional MK diet of gore, gore and, for you sir, an extra side order of gore? Don’t be. Beheadings and dismemberings are out – after all, who wants to hack Superman’s head off? (Don’t answer that, Lex) But! There’s still plenty of blood spurting from Midways eight Mortal Kombat game. Perhaps the best example of this is the Joker’s fatality, available once you have pounded your foe enough to earn the famous ‘finish him’ prompt.


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