Yes, I know this is abit odd. Researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have developed a high tech exoskeleton robotic suit that aims to help farmers by giving them support and super strength! Expected to cost between $5,000 and $10,000, with great power comes great costs!


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Video: Future technology, technocracy?

On December 29, 2008, in Robotics, Technology, by KLS

Do you ever find yourself lost in technology and by that I don’t mean not knowing how to use the computer or a particular gadget. I mean, do you ever find yourself not as updated with technology as you would like? Lost in how quickly technology is advancing on a daily basis? It’s incredible how everything is moving before our eyes, this video showcases some cool technology that we already have at present, some you may not even know about, but the more important thing is what about the future? Will they be dominating us and our everyday lives? This is a question that’s been asked by so many, actually technology is already taking a major role in all of us, we just don’t realise it!

Your smart car will shift shapes, you will fax three dimensional objects and intelligent machines will run your life if you let them. Technology is pushing from every direction. Getting faster with each passing second. Prepare yourself, the future is closer then you think — Next World – Future Intelligence

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