With the media, politicians and businesses focusing on being more green and eco-friendly, there’s been a big boom in green gadgets. I review eco-gadgets daily, so I’ve collected together the most popular green gizmos that I’ve reviewed on EnviroGadget in recent months.

So let’s start with a piece of jewelery. The Pulsar Solar Watch is a pretty new development in the world of watches that are solar powered. Rather than worry about expensive and potentially mercury-based watch batteries, the solar watches contain a rechargeable battery. The internal battery is charged using the solar cell on the face of the watch. Impressively, a fully charged watch will last up to 6 months without needing another charge! The watches are not too expensive either, which means you won’t be raiding your piggy bank to buy one.


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If you’re the type of person that likes to get in touch with the great outdoors when you take a vacation or make a weekend excursion, then you’ll likely need a camera that can keep up with you and not end up a pile of useless shards by the end of the trip. While most camera can resist a few bumps and drops, most can’t handle serious jostling or dives underwater without a host of potentially expensive repairs. There are a few simple point and shoots on the market for the amateur photographer that combine quality photography with the ability to take just about any kind of abuse you throw at them.

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Nissan’s second attempt (after the Altima Hybrid) to actually become known as a green(ish) automaker in America? The Nissan Leaf is a four-to-five seat, front-drive C-segment hatchback.


Nissan’s main selling point for the Leaf is not just that its a specialty urban runabout, but rather, it was designed as an everyday vehicle that meets the needs of 70% of the world’s motorists. Strictly speaking, we think Nissan’s perspective has been based upon practicality (though important) more than the needs of motorists in terms of exterior design.


From Nissan’s point of view, Nissan says that fully 80% of US drivers travel less than 100km per day (62 miles), making the Leaf a solid fit for America’s motoring majority, even taking into account power-sapping external factors like hilly terrain, accessory draw, and extreme temperatures.


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Latest solar gadgets: Suntrica SolarStrap

On August 3, 2009, in Gadgets, by KLS

Just recently spotted by our friends at GadgetVenue is this newly introduced wrap around portable device solar charger known as the SolarStrap. We love solar chargers here at GadgetLite mainly because these gadgets are so useful when it comes to powering portable devices for absolutely nothing and they are relatively environment friendly compared to others.


As you can see in the picture, Suntrica’s new SolarStrap has been designed for portable use allowing you to charge your device (eg phones, portable music players, etc) while you’re on the move. You can wrap it up using its velcro around rugsacks, luggages or anywhere where you think there may be sufficient exposure to sunlight.


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Ferrari’s latest entry supercar, the 458 Italia is officially the Ferrari F430’s successor. There is certainly no need for us to tell you which has the x factor. The Ferrari 458 Italia is powered by a direct-injected V8 that pumps out 568hp and 398 lb-ft of torque, 0-60mph happens in just 3.4-seconds – its no joke! Check out the full gallery:


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The video below from the BBC shows you some of the electric, eco-friendly cars from a competition / project recently run by the UK government to encourage automakers to get more creative in thinking about low carbon emissions. Eight car making groups have won a £25 million prize from the government to fund the next generation of greener, cleaner cars.

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If you’ve got a lawn on an uphill incline, you’ll know the difficulty of lawn mowing, especially if its really steep. This latest in hybrid technology remote control lawn mower by Evatech has been designed to tackle this problem, not only does it allow you to sit back, relax and let it do the work for you but it also saves you fuel because its a hybrid!


Every manufacturer is on about hybrid technology these days so why can’t lawn mowers? With over 40% efficiency on fuel compared to standards, this remote control robotic mower can climb inclines as steep as 75 degrees, surpassing any other mowers of its class. This makes it incredibly fun and safe to mow through steepy grass lawns efficiently, watch the video after the jump and see it in action…

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