Just bought Kindle 2? I’m sorry, its just been a few months but Amazon has decided that a new Kindle with a larger 9.7 inch is to be launched. Amazon has finally announced their price tag for its latest black and white Kindle reading device – the Kindle DX, which will be priced at $489. Amazon is now taking pre-orders of the Kindle DX, shipping date has been said to be this coming summer, however, exact details remain vague.


The DX sports a larger, more comfortable 9.7-inch screen that can rotate to landscape display, its also a PDF reader (amongst a large number of other document formats that it is capable of reading). The Kindle DX also comes with more storage space at 3.3GB.


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The sleep mask is a clever idea, it’s nothing complicated as it’s name would sound. It features an electronic display that scrolls your destination so other passengers know when you need to get off the train. The idea is that you can sleep comfortably, while knowing someone will alert you when you’ve arrived at your destination, but does it actually work?

However, during a test run, no one alerted Pyocotan when he had arrived at his jumping off point. So the test failed. But he strongly believes the devices will be effective once more people start to use them.

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