Current Cost, a company which specialises in high tech products for improving energy efficiency, reducing energy costs in both individual households and large scale organisations have launched a new product called ENVI. ENVI as you would imagine is an energy monitor, monitoring your home’s electricity usage. What is unique about Current Cost’s real-time energy monitors is that these allows you to read the gathered data using an application on your PC. Connecting a serial cable to the display downloads the information in XML format. A number of developers have created applications which uses the data gathered by the energy monitor (see examples here). Analysing this data will allow the user to hopefully change their energy consumption behaviour and therefore lead to improved energy efficiency.


We’ve been told, we’ll soon be sent a demo unit to try out, so hopefully we’ll have more news and thoughts on this eco-friendly gadget for you very soon.

Full press release to follow after the jump.

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Not very often does technology help us so much to the extent that it helps us out around the kitchen (the very thing that we’re all so lazy about). Now Panasonic thinks their latest creation might just do the trick. The KAR robot arm developed by a group of researchers from Panasonic and the University of Tokyo appears to do the sole task it was designed for relatively well. This is brilliant especially on a busy day when you come home from work, exhausted and just want to sit down on the couch for some tele. Though the KAR robot arm doesn’t exactly wash the dishes for you, it has been designed so that it is able to pick up your dishes gently without making a mess, rinse them and load them into your dishwasher – which is good enough for me!

Panasonic unveils KAR robot arm that handles all your dirty dishes

The researchers apparently aren’t satisfied with things just yet, however, and they say they eventually hope that robot will be able to clean up after a family of four in just five minutes.

[via Engadget, JapanProbe]

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