Most case mods that get featured online are usually very well done. As for this one, its been done so elegantly – its a complete disguise. The Samsung Eternity (A867), not really a popular phone known to many here in the UK is actually hidden on the underside of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller you see in the photo below.


If you hop through the jump, you’re see in the video that everything works perfectly fine (the phone that is!)…

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What you see isn’t actually an old iMac, it’s just a disguise, this video game console mod has taken advantage of the old iMac’s shell. CGCC forum member Logicdustbin decided to gut the all-in-one retro iMac and replace its inners bits with the discontinued Sega Dreamcast and 15-inch LCD monitor.


The result is the birth of iCast, though a rather unlikely dual, it is a beautiful mod well done, at least now the DreamCast in this case has become an all-in-one console, great for on the go entertainment!

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If you’ve been a long time reader here at GadgetLite, you might remember when we first mentioned the Digital Cowboy Pod Cowboy, which was essentially a protective case made for iPod Shuffles that looked like Japanese kids’ schoolbags. We don’t know a whole lot about Digital Cowboy, mainly because it seems its products are mostly confined to within Japan, though it could be possible that they’re really popular in Japn! Despite this, here is one which has raised some awareness on it’s unique design during Digital Cowboy’s release.

Digital Cowboy’s latest product is a book like disguised 3.5-inch HDD hard drive, called the W-31UA. As pictured, the HDD can be stacked up in a bookshelf and no one will possibly know it was even there. It’s disguise gives it a vintage hard cover look, titled as ‘HARDBOX’, it’s dimensions are 200 x 159.5 x 40 mm. But I’m not entirely sure about the LED lights located near the bottom on it’s side, that kind of gives it away!

[via Digital Cowboy]

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