Four wheeled flasher: Pure

On January 28, 2010, in Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

With filthy clothes, flashy moves and wolfmother blaring whenever it goes, this is like Motorstorm’s even brattier younger brother. There’s none of the aspirational glamour of racing sims here, Pure is all about caning quad bikes across mucky tracks until your brain downs in adrenaline. The tricks and slicks, the racing feels chaotic and everything from the sand up to the sky looks super polished.

Pure game_w500

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On January 22, 2010, in Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

So the high concept pitch is Motorstorm meets Burnout Paradise. Yeah, we know, but here us out. There’s a chance this won’t be some Frankenstein cut ‘n’ shut monstrosity, partly because turns into twinkling automotive gold. (You’ve got Grid, right?) And partly because, in aiming so high, there’s little chance of this being another middle of the road racer. Either it’ll live up to the hype and deliver a unique, massive, open world racer, or it’ll a spectacular can’t look but must wreck. Either way Fuel is definitely one to watch.


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SBK-Superbike World Championship 09

On January 20, 2010, in Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

Bike games have always had to choke on the exhaust fumes of car games. No matter what developers try to do with the genre, you simply can’t get around the simple facts: Bikes send you careening into concrete with even the slightest misjudgment in handling. They’re largely not as interesting to drive as their four wheeled counterparts. And riding around a grey circuit as a generic bloke in a helmet has never been able to compete with nailing a corner with a Ferrari in Gran Turismo, flying over mud dunes with a modified Suburu in DiRT, or bombing downs the slopes of San Francisco in GRID. So, does SBK do anything to bridge the gap between the two genres?

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