For $25 a pop, you can now get your hands on this fully self-sustainable, environment friendly, hassle free water powered clock from Bedol. It may look rather plastic and cheap but all that is needed to keep this desk clock running for 12-14 weeks at a time is pure, tap water. It even features a built in memory chip so it doesn’t reset the time everytime you re-fill it with water, just like watering a plant.


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Made by Taito, the original makers of Space Invaders, this alarm clock acts pretty much like your standard alarm clock. In fact, it sports a digital clock, snooze button, and a calendar. It also has flashing lights and plays sounds from the actual Space Invaders game which makes it even more adorable (to me anyways).

But the price tag does make one raise their eyebrows. For a rather plain-ish alarm clock, it will ‘heavily’ set you back by $79 which is enough to make you hope this thing fires lasers or maybe at least jump around like a robot or something…

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