There is no doubt the so-called ‘mp3 player’ / digital audio player market has been over saturated with so many choices and alternatives over the years. While iPods may have become the ‘gold standard’ due to Apple’s raise to fame rather than true performance and reliability. Other brands have had to struggle their way into consumers’ peripheral vision, one way many have been able to do this is by significantly cutting their devices’ price and offer even more features.

If you’ve been following us, you’ll have seen this with the Creative Zen Style 300.

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Cowon or full name Cowon Systems, Inc. you may or may not have heard of here in the UK since its primarily a company based in Asia. The South Korean electronics company which has been established since 1995, with initial focus mainly on software and later on portable digital media players has now released its latest creation, the Cowon S9 Cureve.

The S9 is a 3.3-inch media player that features an AMOLED capacitive touch panel display which spreads 16 million colors across 480 x 272 pixels. Within this beautiful handheld player is a 500MHz dual-core CPU, T-DMB digital television tuner, Bluetooth, FM radio, TV-out and G-Sensor accelerometer. What’s also quite impressive is nearly two days (40 hours) of music playback from a single charge.



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