Lego kitchen island made of 20,000 Lego bricks

On October 23, 2009, in Geeky, by KLS

This is certainly one for the record, yes James May’s Lego house couldn’t be saved but its Lego, we can always build something else! Here, designers Philippe Simon and Pillard Rosetti customized their

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Wheelchair concepts are not a rare thing to come across in the minds of designers, his CARRIER robotic wheelchair designed by a group of five at the University of Applied Arts in the Studio Industrial Design 2 Esslinger as a part of their semester project deserves a mention.


The CARRIER has been designed so that it can really help to enable those who have physical impairments. Its robotic design means not only will it be able to help the disabled through maneuvering over almost any terrain but also assist the user in standing up to reach for objects, go up and down stairs and even go to the toilet.


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