Running out of battery on your USB devices can be a problem, but luckily for you, today we have a device that should keep your USB device charged at all times.

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Solar gadgets: Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600

On September 14, 2009, in Gadgets, by KLS


Designed by the Japanese to help those who need power the most at times of natural disasters, the Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600 is a multi-equipped, emergency lifesaver device that gives you a combination of hand-crank-powered-dynamo LED light, AM/FM radio, three rechargeable AA batteries, and adapters capable of charging most cell phones and portable devices.


Though we don’t usually think about needing these handy gadgets in the UK, this torch could come in handy on outdoor trips such as camping. More importantly for those in other parts of the world where earthquakes occur frequently, this is extremely useful.

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The last time I bought a hand winding / crankable flashlight torch, it didn’t offer much in the way of solar charging or mobile phone charging ports. However this hand winding solar LED lantern does all that.


This solar LED lantern doesn’t require any batteries, perfect for those who care about the environment. Equipped with solar panels, a full charge takes about six hours, while it does offer various LED modes, we’re concerned about how long its charge will last. For those interested in charging mobile phones using it, an additional $5 will get you its connector kit which charges major phone maker brands.

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The Baylis Revolution is a hefty wind up portable media player / MP3 player that features video playback, a photo viewer, an FM radio, a voice recorder, a line input recorder, a text reader, expandable memory and a flashlight. Though its got a crank at the back, it doesn’t mean you can’t charge it using alternative methods, you can do this by charging through its usb port.


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