Back in the old days when there were no USBs and CDs, music was played via old turntables. Just put the vinyl records onto the turntable and let it spin, that’s the way how it was done back in the old days, but today, with the development of technology vinyl records have disappeared. They had been replaced with CDs and with digital formats such as MP3.

However there are still a lot of vinyl records fans out there and there are a lot of collectors that have tons of records in their possession. Therefore, if you have any of those records and you want to transfer them to a digital format, this device will be perfect for you.

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Buying tips: Digital photo converter

On April 8, 2009, in Gadgets, Tips, by SSC

Having stumbled upon a digital photo converter recently, I felt it was quite confusing to choose which one would suit me the most. Obviously having one was useful because it would be the best solution for me to sort out all the old photos I have got in my house. If you don’t know too much about them, digital photo converters are also known as a photo to digital converter. Majority have got specs including at least a 5MP sensor and 1800 dpi resolution. The converter basically takes a digital photo of the regular photo that you slide down the tray. Then, simply connect the digital photo converter to the computer USB port, it will begin scanning and uploading pictures.

digital photo converter

Tips for choosing the best digital photo converter to suit yourself after the jump…

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