Apple doesn’t look as if they are planning on releasing a netbook anytime soon, although this idea sounds extremely attractive to me. For those who can’t wait for this moment to come, this chart featured below is probably the best comparison guide available to date to help you decide whether you should use your netbook to take on Mac OS X.

(click to enlarge)

Want to run Mac OS X on your netbook? Use this compatibility chart...

So the verdict basically is if you can’t wait and want to surprise your netbook by putting Mac OS X on it, you’re more likely to see success with the MSI Wind, or the Dell Mini 9.

We highly recommend you check out BoingBoing for further details…

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HP’s latest TouchSmart IQ series PCs along with others such as Sony’s new all in one VAIO desktops have probably been one of the few newest PCs on the market to become a major competitor for Apple iMacs. But what’s kept iMacs ahead of the game in my view is that they’re designed by Apple to function smoothly and faultlessly with Mac OS X (as well as Windows), having said that users often try to tweak their way through so that they can get the best of both and here is an example of that.

Aaron Nelson from Hijinks Inc. has written a few steps on just how he did the whole process on his HP Touch Smart IQ507, the video below shows him booting it up and demonstrating a few tasks on the TouchSmart’s touchscreen.

Unfortunately, the touchscreen is almost completely ‘out of touch’ and requires some serious calibrating. In addition to that, there seems to be some hardware issues as well. He has to disable the on board audio every time he logs in, so that the keyboard and mouse will be recognised. Apart from that, browsing the web and using the TouchSmart’s built in card reader doesn’t seem to cause any trouble.

So there you have it folks, iMacs threatened? Maybe in the future but for now, there are still some related compatibility issues that needs to be first addressed. But if you’re interested, feel free to hit the link below to check it out!

[via Hijinks]

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