Sony’s spokesman tricked into retweeting PS3 jailbreak code

On February 14, 2011, in Gaming, by Mike Jefferson

Although Sony is still waging a war against it’s fellow PS3 hackers, it seems that hackers aren’t giving up, and they have found new ways to fight against Sony, and one of those ways is Twitter.

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Quick heads up to all Sony fans, we’ve just been notified of this exclusive 10% off deal for all personalised VAIO laptops ordered via the Sony Europe web. What’s the catch? Nothing really, Sony is celebrating their milestone for reaching 1000 followers on Twitter and all you have to do in order to be eligible is follow the Sony Europe Twitter stream.


The e-voucher code to use at checkout is TWITTER09, unfortunately this only works for purchases via the SonyStyle online web in Europe and not for those in the US. This offer won’t last forever and will end by the 30th of November. For full details, click here

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Well the screenshot below certainly points to the fact that its near or is Google planning on something else? But how soon? No one knows for sure. What you see below is abit of code someone spotted from a javascript file included within the Google Pack, which is a set of freely available tools and softwares for all users in order to enjoy a full range of Google related services and more. So when is it coming? Hopefully soon!


[via Gearfuse]

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