Its been made official, not very long after we spoke about the rumored specs of a new Nikon DSLR flagship, the D3s has been confirmed to arrive this November. So what’s new in the latest D3s? The most stunning new piece of hardware in this badboy is a redesigned sensor which allows it to shoot up to ISO 102,400 – the D3s will certainly not suffer from any nightblindness!


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If you’re someone who employs a robot like automatic hoover vacuum system for your home, you might be interested in this latest invention from Panasonic. Fukitorimushi is the latest in floor-cleaning robots, unlike many that you may find up for sale these days, this autonomous robot does its thing in a rather creepy way by crawling around like a worm despite it using a highly efficient tech savvy cloth to keep your floors spotless.


Technically, the Fukitorimushi sports sensors that allows it to detect dirty spots on the floor. Fukitorimushi’s body is covered in Teijin’s Nanofront cloth, which is made of polyester filament fibers measuring 700 nanometers in diameter. Though this sounds remarkably hard to believe, this means it is about 7,500 times thinner than the average human hair. The nanofibers significantly increase the fabric’s surface area, giving it superior wiping characteristics and the ability to absorb oil and ultra-fine dust particles less than one micron in diameter. The large surface contact area also increases the fabric’s friction with the floor and makes it resistant to sliding.

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Cyber Clean‘s Cleaning Compound or cleaning rubber as some might like to call it was demonstrated at The Gadget Show Live this morning and it actually seemed to work quite well! Excellent for cleaning computer keyboards, touch screens and all the places that our dirty fingers would touch without realising all the germs that we leave behind afterwards.


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