If you’re a video blogger, or a car reviewer you might find the Car Camera quite useful. Indeed you don’t have to be a professional user to make use of this gadget, the Car Camera has actually been built for legal or insurance purposes.

It can be mounted easily in any vehicle. And it records all outside and inside events. It supports SD memory card from 128MB to 2GB and the recorded file will be saved automatically inside the memory card after finished recording. And you can play the video in PC or in TV by the AV cable provided.

Car Camera Geeky Gadget Gadgets Technology 490x367

Car Camera Geeky Gadget Gadgets Technology Stand 490x367

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This R/C car has a hefty name: Vision Tracking System (VTS) Camera Car, the reason for that is because it’s no ordinary toy. The VTS Camera Car, as you can tell from its name, puts you on the spot as though you were driving it at its level. How does it do it? Well the driver sitting on the car actually has a camera-equipped head and by putting on some VGA resolution goggles, you will experience the thrill that he has to go through (controlled by you!).

What’s more, these cyclops-looking goggles transmits sound and if you rotate your head, he does the same as well, talk about getting put on the spot!

Latest gadgets: Vision Tracking System Camera Car - it’s a R/C car…

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