Internet Speed – 1 Gbps. If you understand the gravity of this situation then you better be ready to enjoy broadband speed which will be out of this world. Google has always wanted to launch the 1 Gbps internet connections, and Comcast was planning the 105 Mbps internet speed, but it seems like Chattanooga has come up with something that others were just planning.

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Virgin Media which I stopped using over a month ago has always promised super fast broadband speeds of up to 50Mbps. However this has also always been subjected to certain limited areas within the UK. First just let me work out for you what that speed means, I’m sure all of you will have streamed or downloaded films at some point. If you had broadband that was capable of speeds of 50Mbps, its enough to download around 6 megabytes every second. That means a 5GB HD movie will download in less than 15 minutes, that’s stunning!

Now Virgin has decided to share their super fibre optic speeds and technology with the rest of us and to get that going they have chosen a brand new broadband modem that will be just as impressive. This new broadband modem has a gorgeous glossy black touch to its exterior and is unlike any gadget I’ve ever seen from a company that provides broadband! It’s not an all in one broadband modem plus WiFi router which explains why around the back there’s a single ethernet port, which will connect to a wireless router or direct to a PC.

We don’t know when this would be available yet, but first, we need Virgin to put us out of our misery and tell us the price!

[via Virgin]

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Remember we recently talked about using Broadband Expert over a week ago? Well shortly after I wrote the post on how to use the UK based broadband comparsion site, my broadband connection at home once again decided to start an epileptic fit. Those of you familiar with our blog may have seen me complain about my broadband once or twice already, yes, I’m a Virgin Media customer…

The problem was that it was incredibly slow, even just for basic web surfing, so on one particular night while I was really fed up of waiting, I decided to test out how slow it actually was using the broadband speed test calculator which I had seen on Broadband Expert. It’s much like the one on the Gadget Show’s website, but unlike that one, the one I used also took account of the cost of my broadband and then based that with their database in an attempt to find me a better bargain. So after testing my broadband speed, it came to conclusion that my ‘up to 10MB’ broadband connection was running at merely the speed of a 2MB connection, even less!

Long story short, but the next day I decided to switch and possibly try O2 (it had a pretty good rating and a number of excellent reviews, plus free router and no setup fee, so it seemed most affordable), as I was already an O2 customer (iPhone), it meant that I could get a discount with the broadband and as my contract with Virgin Media was already coming to an end, i decided to give notice to terminate and stop the renewal of my contract with them. So now that I have had my new broadband with O2 for a few days, I can say that my feelings about it is quite consistent with that of the reviews I’ve read. I’m quite satisfied, saving money and yes the speed is top notch! O2 is pretty generous in that they don’t have a download limit and as I mentioned, no setup fee no matter which speed package you choose! It’s definitely worth considering if you’re too an O2 customer or even if you’re not, you’re only paying abit more.

So if you’ve also had problems with your broadband recently, do drop us a comment on what happen and what you did in the end, we’d love to find out about it.

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