Sony has unveiled their new range of Blu-ray home cinema systems, one of their most comprehensive series ever. The focus of this launch is so that hopefully there will be a suitable system to meet the entertainment needs of everyone. The latest range features two all-in-one systems, the BDV-E300, BDV-E800W, offering Full 1080p HD video, DVD upscaling and virtual 7.1 channel sound with wireless rear speakers.


The BDV-Z7 compact system is perfect for smaller rooms and gives a virtual 5.1 surround sound experience without the need for rear speakers.


The other four packages, the BDV-360FS, BDV-360IS, HTP-BD36SS and HTP-BD36SF, combine the BDP-S360 Blu-ray player with sleek amplification and speaker packages, for high quality home cinema in a box. Check out the full press release after the jump…

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Many of you will remember the Sony BDP-S360 Blu-ray player which we featured back in April. As you may know we recently had the opportunity to under take a twitter based interview with Sony’s Blu-ray specialist Mr Eric Kingdon. Though timing was shortly, the below were the questions we asked based on what readers have sent us via Twitter and what Mr Kingdon commented in response.

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