I became bored of Tom (the guy in the video) and his Blendtec blending everything after watching numerous videos just showing exactly how amazing his blenders are on YouTube some time ago. But this one I wanted to feature because Tom’s not blending iPhones or iPods or video games this time, he’s blending a shoe, the Nike Air Max to be precise. He’s blending something that just about fits the blender and also its not metal or plastic this time, its fabric and the shoe nearly got away with it with the blender clogging up afew times, watch the video!

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Will it blend? – Halo 3…

On December 7, 2007, in Gadgets, by KLS

Watch out Halo 3, here comes Tom Dickson and his Blendtec Blender! What will happen as he tries to play Halo 3 not on the XBox but in his Blender? I guess you probably know where I’m going with this huh?

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Put a fully functional iPhone into a blender, will you dare? Well Tom Dickson from Blendtec decided he would do so after being dared from his viewers! Check out what happens from the YouTube video below:


After blending his iPhone, he decided to put everything for sell on eBay and I mean every tiny bit of it!

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