Right on time, if not earlier in fact. GeoHot has released Blacksn0w, unlocking tool for the iPhone 3G and 3GS running the newest iPhone OS 3.1.2 and baseband 05.11.07. By unlocking using this tool, your iPhone will be enabled for use on any network / carrier you prefer. Additionally, the new blacksn0w unlocking tool is, according to Hotz, faster by at least 15 seconds.

blackra1n with blacksn0w

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iPhone hacker / jailbreaker and now unlocker Geohot has posted on his blog that he has come up with a new tool that will unlock iPhone OS 3.1.2. Though limited info is available at this time, the tool will be called Blacksn0w and will unlock iPhones running OS version 3.1.2 on baseband 05.11.07. Blacksn0w will be out this Wednesday, November 4. If you use Blackra1n for jailbreaking the iPhone then you’ll be able to download the Blacksn0w unlock solution straight from it. Its not certain at this point how Blacksn0w will work and which OS it will support, but one thing is definitely, it will be free! We’ll post further updates as soon as it gets released.

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