Review: New LG Chocolate BL40

On November 16, 2009, in Cell Phones, Product Reviews, by KLS

One of the most controversial discussions regarding LG’s new addition to Black Labels Series phones is how will the new shape of the BL40 perform? Thanks to LG who recently sent us the new Chocolate BL40 for a review, we’ve been able to test it out. For those who like a reminder of what the BL40 is technically capable of.

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New LG Chocolate BL40 advert

On September 30, 2009, in Cell Phones, by KLS

For those who have been following our news about the new LG Chocolate BL40, a new telly advert has been launched here in the UK!


As some of you may remember when we attended the launch of the BL40, we were thoroughly impressed with the amount of on board functionalities that the new LG Black Label series phone had and one of which was definitely that 21:9, four-inch panoramic widescreen – this new advert focuses exactly on that!

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After having the exclusive opportunity of seeing first hand the brand new Black Label Series LG Chocolate BL40 last week, here’s my first impressions of the new phone from LG and also some photos and videos from that night. It was one of the best LG events I’ve ever attended, LG wanted the launch night to be extraordinary and to do that they invited UK designer Wayne Hemmingway to celebrate the launch of the BL40.


What every phonemaker wants to accomplish when they launch a new handset is for people to think that it is like no other. For the LG BL40, LG wanted its first impression to be the phone of the future, to have an iconic design which makes it standout and distinct from any other.

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