Its all been about the new Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen movie this week. While it was already out last Friday here in the UK, Wednesday (today) is the day that it will hit the US, I am sure many readers are just about to head over to the cinemas and watch it.


If you’re a Transformers fan like myself and have seen the first one, you will notice this second sequel Revenge of the Fallen has been given a number of new bots

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As you know Transformers 2 (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) the movie is well on the way and won’t be too long before it hits the screens. Chevy is heavily involved in all of the Autobot’s vehicles, so this week at the Chicago Auto Show Chevy showed everyone at the show what the new Bumblebee 2 (Camaro) would look like by building and putting up this massive 18-foot Bumblebee. Boy, these movies are really a great way for automakers to promote their cars isn’t it?

Autobot Assembling at Chicago Auto Show

Check out how this massive autobot was unloaded and built from three crates sent to the General Motors exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show in Chicago…

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