We were ecstatic to have been sent the latest Sony X Series Walkman player for a review recently. After testing it out thoroughly for a week, we felt it was about time to share what we

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You will have heard of the news that Nintendo, like Sony is updating its popular handheld gaming device but with very little changes to its physical appearance. The new Nintendo DS will be called the Nintendo DSi, I suppose the most obvious feature is a slightly larger screen along with a 3 megapixel camera along with a proper SD memory card slot, other hidden features include audio enhancements including the functionality to listen to mp3s.

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From what we previously gathered from Nintendo UK, the DSi is now available first in Japan with a retail price tag of 18,900.00 JPY which converts to about £120 pounds. As for other countries, we will need to wait til 2009, so unfortunately, it will be very unlikely that you will see one of these under your Christmas tree (unless of course, if you pop around eBay, but it costs alot more!).