Aquos Xx 302Sh: Latest smartphone from Sharp

On April 23, 2014, in Cell Phones, by Mike Jefferson

Sharp releases great smartphones, but usually they tend to be available only on Japanese market, but on the bright side, this company has released its new smartphone, so let’s have a closer look at it.

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The Japanese have always had a thing for flipphones and clamshells and despite over the years, the rest of the world have moved on with full touchscreens, the Japs remain fond of the retro design. Its therefore not entirely unexpected that Sharp and Softbank of Japan have together rolled out the new AQUOS Android phone “The Hybrid 007SH”.


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Here is LogicBuy daily gadget deal for a Sharp’s new AQUOS 55-inch LC-55LE620UT HDTV.  Full HD equipped with LED Backlight Technology, Sharp is offering a new level of image quality with a stunning 1000000:1 contrast ratio. The LC-55LE620UT utilizes a high-performance LCD panel providing ultra-dark high Dynamic Contrast Ratio and fast response time.

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Due to be released around mid-November, Sharp’s new LX Series LED AQUOS HD line-up includes 60”, 52”, 46” and 40” models. Full HD equipped with LED Backlight Technology, Sharp is offering a new level of image quality with a stunning 2000000:1 contrast ratio while providing an up to 30% decrease in power consumption.


For those who are particular keen on superior audio experiences, Sharp included a Du Bass ARSS 6 speaker system with a nice 2.1Ch, however this will be available only in 60″, 52″ and 46” models.


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Softbank Mobile (Sharp) has announced their latest AQUOS SHOT 933SH. Featuring a powerful 10 megapixel resolution camera that supports up to ISO 12800 sensitivity, this means the 933SH will be capable of outstanding image quality even when shooting in low-light. Low-light or limited light shooting is a major problem for many camera phones, the Sharp AQUOS SHOT 933SH is probably the first to address this!

Softbank Sharp AQUOS SHOT 933SH Mobile Phone 5

There is also a touch interface that lets you choose the point of focus that can then be tracked as it moves. Other specs include a 3.3-inch display, 16GB of internal storage, bluetooth, GPS, FeLica and built-in dictionary. The 933SH will come in Black, White, Gold, Pink, and Blue. Gallery of the Sharp AQUOS SHOT 933SH mobile phone following the jump..

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We’ve talked quite abit of CES 2009 all this week and that has dried out most of our brain juice! As you know this year’s CES is almost coming to an end. Of course, we weren’t able to cover everything. CES is always that time of the year when we are super excited about seeing all the new and emerging technology, gadgets but we hardly have enough time to show you them all. So we’ve decided we won’t do a weekly roundup like usual this week, because it’s actually been an all CES week. So in case you’ve been away for a few days, here’s a quick roundup which we’ve put together of some of the hottest new gadgets featured at the CES 2009 this week.

CES 2009: Blaupunkt and miRoamer to bring internet radio to cars

Lenovo IdeaCentre 600 – the thinnest all-in-one PC

CES 2009: ASUS T91 – 1 inch thick Eee PC touch netbook

Video: ASUS gives teaser of folding origami laptop concept at CES 2009

Now official: Sony VAIO P Series – world’s lightest 8-inch netbook

CES 2009: Sony unveils world’s first internet enabled camera – Cybershot G3

Download Windows 7 Beta for free now!

CES 2009: 2-Terabyte SDXC memory cards announced

Gallery and video – hands on LG GD910 watch mobile phone

CES 2009: LG showcases enterprise touch smartphone – Incite CT810

The ones above were the ones we covered while all the others have come from larger blogs! If you want to start from day one, we suggest you scroll to the bottom of this page and start reading from there. Of course, we don’t expect you to read everything here, unless you were mad! This list we think are already the very essence of CES this year, though we only left out a few which we felt were rubbish… Penultimately, I think we will come back and have a flickr through some of these and talk more about them because I don’t think I’ve read even 70% of these yet!

CES 2009: VidaBox Room Client HD

CES 2009: iRiver Mickey PMP

CES 2009: Velocity Micro Fuzebox HTPC Video Demo

CES 2009: iRiver P7 PMP Video Demo

CES 2009: Viliv S5, S7 and X70 Atom MIDs

CES 2009: Velocity Micro NoteMagix M10 netbook & M5 MID

CES 2009: Qualcomm Snapdragon Android prototype

CES 2009: iRiver WAVE HOME Video Demo

Electronic Cigar: Marlboro Man Enters the Digital Era

SATY Mosquito-Repelling MP3 Player Has Built-In Breathalyzer Just Because

Seen at CES: Panasonic’s Wall of HDTVs is the Most Beautiful

Optoma reveals HD8200 and HD808 HD projectors

MiniWIZ debuts solar-powered Solarbulb lamp / bottle cover

Anybots rolls out QA, the telegenic telepresence robot

LG’s new X120 netbook with Splashtop-powered instant on

Phillipe Starck’s Zikmu Parrot Wi-Fi iPod Speakers Are Even Prettier in Person

HDi’s Dune Blu-ray Players Have BitTorrent Plus Insane Codec Support

Ford Sync Developing API For Voice-Controlling All Your Smartphone Apps From the Driver’s Seat

SanDisk’s G3 SSDs Deliver 40,000 RPM Speeds Without Breaking the Bank

CES 2009 – SanDisk 64GB Ultra Backup USB Flash Drive

Palm Pre’s Amazing Wireless Touchstone Charger

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It looks like the HTC Touch HD’s title for being the only HD mobile handset in the market won’t last very long. Another Softbank related news for you folks, Softbank and Sharp have teamed up to release the FULLTOUCH 931SH. It’ll have a large, 3.8-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 480. The phone comes with a 5.2 megapixel camera, along with GPS, HSDPA, accelerometer, bluetooth, a fascinating magnetic compass and because it’s going to be used in Japan, on-board support for wireless payment systems -very neat!

No word on pricing and availability at the moment, most certainly though, the 931SH won’t be coming to anyone else that doesn’t live in Japan. But we’ll hopefully have more info and photos for you on this latest handset soon.

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