Have you seen this Mac advert recently? I haven’t yet, it’s one of those PC vs Mac vids but with a Christmas theme to it, enjoy 🙂

…so buy a PC and not a Mac this holiday season… lolz!

Video have the jump!

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Here’s another round up of a few phones that we are expecting to arrive the UK by December (probably before Christmas) this year…


Nokia E51

This phone may not seem the most attractive for many, however it does have features like WLAN, bluetooth, mp3 player and it’s 3G…

Nokia 7900

The Prism 7900 is also a 3G phone, it’s got basic features like bluetooth and a standard 2 megapixel camera…

Samsung G800

This is the newest version of Samsung G600 if you like, it looks quite similar as well. In terms of specifications, it basically has the same features like 5 megapixel camera, bluetooth, mp3 and radio, still no 3G or WiFi though!

The Samsung G800 mobile phone isn’t just a 5 megapixel camera phone… although that’s an excellent place to begin. It also has a 3x optical zoom, offering close-up images with no need for you to move. There’s a Xenon flash for night-time photos, along with panorama shots, multi shots and macro shots. In addition, the G800 is equipped with cutting-edge camera features including face detection and Wide Dynamic Range. And when you’ve finished with photos, you can start with videos. The Samsung G800 is even equipped with video editing features, making it easy for you to create your own films.

Plus there’s fast HSDPA mobile internet access, mobile blogging and a well-featured MP3 player in this slim slide-open handset. With its camera-like looks and its intuitive menu system, the G800 will definitely change the way you think about photography.

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South Park version of PC vs Mac…

On November 23, 2007, in Operating Systems, by KLS

You’ve probably seen videos of PC vs Mac on YouTube, but have you seen a South Park version?

South Park version of PC vs Mac...

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Here’s another vid and possibly something to do for the weekend! Basically, this video will teach you how to DIY a charger for your iPod or mp3 player. All you need will be, one white onion, two cups of gatorade (or any isotonic sports drink), a screw driver and an iPod and USB cable…

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Vodafone has obtained a restraining order against Apple’s chosen German network carrier: T-Mobile. Vodafone questioned T-Mobile’s sales practices for the Apple handset, specifically the iPhone’s exclusivity to T-Mobile networks and the subscription tariffs charged by the company. It is now confirmed that the restraining order has been issued and will take place, meanwhile T-Mobile is examining this issue.

Read about this at CNNMoney

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Porsche Design P?9521 Mobile Phone

The very posh Porsche Design mobile phone, the P’9521 which was announced back in June this summer has been indicated by the CarphoneWarehouse to soon be arriving later this month (November, 2007)! This post is perfect for those who doesn’t yet know much about this phone, for a start when this phone was first announced in the states it was estimated that it will cost approx. $1600! Why would it cost such a significant sum of cash? The likely answer to that is the fact that Porsche is a highly respectable brand and so will it’s branded phone. However the price does give you some good specs, major features of the P’9521 include, quadband, 3.2 megapixels camera with autofocus, flash and 4x zoom, mp3 player, fingerprint recognition…

And that’s not all, a quick tour and a video of the phone after the break!

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As you may be aware that CarphoneWarehouse, (one of the exclusive agents priveldged to selling the iPhone here in the UK) had hoped to sell 10,000 of the devices when the iPhone launched on Friday. While O2 said last week that it had ordered ?several hundred thousand? units to sell over the next couple of months. Has the iPhone really met up to its expectations? With two thirds of customers that actually buy the iPhone and signing up for an 18-month tariff being new customers to O2, has Apple made the right move in choosing O2 as their network carrier for distributing the iPhone across the UK or could Steve Jobs have made a better choice in choosing Vodafone or Orange or T-Mobile over O2?

Read the full article on this topic at Times Online

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