A couple weeks ago we mentioned about the launch of the Motorola Dext- Motorola’s first ever Android powered smartphone. To be available exclusively from Orange in the UK it has been confirmed that the new Android Moto phone will be on sale in Orange retail outlets from tomorrow as wellas in Phones 4U stores from the 8th October.


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Just a quick heads up for those who have been waiting for the new 250GB version PlayStation 3 Slim to be available. Amazon UK has updated their site to display the 250GB PS3 Slim and let everyone know that they will be shipping from the first of October, which is next week!


Though the 120GB model PS3 Slim is already available for £245 with a choice of one free game plus an HDMI cable but for just £40 more, you’ll now be able to buy the console with twice the memory capacity though without a free game, we still think this is definitely a bargain worth considering. Check it out here

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Its been a while since Motorola caught our attention but last week they’ve finally taken a step forward to unleash their new and first ever Android powered smartphone – the Motorola Dext (or Cliq if you’re elsewhere not in Europe).


Due to arrive the UK next month via Orange, not only will the Dext be an Android powered sliding beast but also one with a touch of Motorola customisation. Known as MOTOBLUR (Motorola Blur), the platform aims to act as a social media aggregator syncing with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Picasa and others onto a customizable homescreen that displays info users want from any of the services.

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We thought it was finally coming true, a new redesigned slimmer PlayStation 3, the PS3 Slim. But it looks like it’s only just a mockup or is it?


Though a K Mart representative has already commented that this “image is in fact a fake and a miss representation of Sears Holdings Corporation”, it seems the natural thing to say when one of your corporate shops’ employee takes out a yet non-released product out for a spin. Plus the rumored PS3 Slim was also recently leaked on to Amazon and quickly removed:


So will a 120GB PS3 Slim be up on the shelves soon for $299.99? What does everyone think? Are we just being abit too hopeful?

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Its finally official folks, thanks to those of you who sent in your tips. The much featured Zune HD here on GadgetLite has now been given an official launch date: 15th of September. Though it may be a month from now until release, the Zune HD is already now available for pre-ordering.


Just to recap, the reincarnated, new generation Zune HD comes with a 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 x 272, supporting HD video, HD Radio and wireless sync, videos can also be played optionally via its dock to your TV in high-def 720p. The 16GB Zune HD will retail for $220 while the 32GB version $290. Pre-order via Amazon

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Just bought Kindle 2? I’m sorry, its just been a few months but Amazon has decided that a new Kindle with a larger 9.7 inch is to be launched. Amazon has finally announced their price tag for its latest black and white Kindle reading device – the Kindle DX, which will be priced at $489. Amazon is now taking pre-orders of the Kindle DX, shipping date has been said to be this coming summer, however, exact details remain vague.


The DX sports a larger, more comfortable 9.7-inch screen that can rotate to landscape display, its also a PDF reader (amongst a large number of other document formats that it is capable of reading). The Kindle DX also comes with more storage space at 3.3GB.


A full gallery and press release after the jump…

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Currently on sale at Amazon is this USB flash drive of the US President Barack Obama. Available in 2GB, the USB Drive commemorates President Obama’s rise to the White House with an Obama hologram on the face of the pivot-style drive.


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