Thinking about creating a new logo for your blog or website? How about web 2.0 style! I love watching photoshop tutorials on video, it makes the whole learning process so much easier, enjoy!

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Very sorry for the lack of posting recently but I can assure everyone that everything is now back to normal!

What I would like to quickly introduce today is Adobe Photoshop Express, it’s now in BETA which means you can join and use its service or test drive it before signing up!

You can now test drive Adobe Photoshop Express BETA!!!

So what is Adobe Photoshop Express really? I think it’s fair to say it’s another online photo sharing or storage service / community like the ever successful Flickr. What you get from signing up at the moment is just 2 Gb, this may not be much for photos but I feel pretty certain that should increase pretty soon.

What you also get from using Photoshop Express are Adobe’s basic functions in editing and amplifying your images / photo which I have to say is not difficult and can be done without ever knowing about it in Photoshop.

But what I do like about the site itself is that it’s fast, doesn’t lag, runs smoothly when loading and browsing galleries, the slideshows are pretty cool. The integration that allows you to retrieve quickly your pictures off Facebook, Picasa and Photobucket seems to have been done well, though I’m sure there should be more other social sites to come. And most important of all, by signing up, you get your own subdomain at!

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As you are probably aware, there still isn’t a flash application compatible for browsing the internet on the iPhone, simply because Flash Lite which is meant to be made for mobile devices doesn’t work on the iPhone.

So to avoid things like this (picture below) from happening, Adobe will soon take advantage of Apple’s software development kit (SDK) to create a specific version of Flash Lite just for the iPhone.

Adobe to develop flash for iPhone using SDK…

Here’s what Adobe’s CEO has been telling us:

We believe Flash is synonymous with the Internet experience, and we are committed to bringing Flash to the iPhone…We have evaluated (the software developer tools) and we think we can develop an iPhone Flash player ourselves.

So far, we don’t know yet when this maybe, but hopefully this shouldn’t take too long. Having Safari on the iPhone for websurfing has been a major selling point for it and also one of the main reason why people buy it over other phones with internet capability but webpages with flash has become just as important and common as any other, not being able to see those properly has I think become it’s major let down…

Adobe to develop flash for iPhone using SDK…

[via Mashable]

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Want to give your photos this effect?

These are wonderful tutorials, love the fact that people have taken the effort to make a video of it for others, here it is:

How To Turn On Headlights Of Cars Realistically Click here for this week’s top video clips

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Here’s another Photoshop trick to enhance and your photos with special effects so that you can showoff to visitors to your blog or impress your friends 🙂

Take a similar photo like this:

After this quick tutorial, you will have changed your photo into this:

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I stumbled across a site today which shows you exactly how to turn photos like this one:

Into a college of photos this one:

It may look very difficult but with a few touches from your Photoshop, it’s actually quite simple!

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It’s still not known if the online Photoshop editor can deal with layered PSD graphics, but this ‘lite’ version of Adobe Photoshop, the Photoshop Express will most certainly have a large impact on online photo editing sites like Fauxto or Picnic.

Adobe’s Photoshop Express will certainly be another fast and convenient shortcut to editing your photos whilst you’re on the go but what’s more, it will be a photo-editing tool that many users are already familiar with. This factor will give the new Photoshop Express a huge advantage over its competitors.

Have a look at the demo video after the jump…

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