If you’re a serious gamer, you’ve probably been feeling slightly left out all these years without a phone that properly “clicked” with what you love the most. Now all that is about to change. The latest Sony Ericsson Aino has got everything you’ve been missing in a phone.


The Aino is a slider phone with a large three inch touch enabled display screen with 16 million colours. Running a modified version of Sony Ericsson’s phone OS, do not dare to mistaken the Aino with the likes of business orientated smartphones as it is exactly the opposite.


Running a feature familiar to PSP owners known as Remote play. The Aino has been equipped with the privelge to allow its user to connect to his / her PS3 from anywhere around the globe. With the Aino, all the content on your PS3 is at your fingertips.

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That’s right folks, as you will probably know stereo bluetooth profile (A2DP) will be coming to the new iPhone OS 3.0 which will probably be due later in the summer. The video below demonstrates this new digital technology which will allow you to stream via bluetooth your music on your iPhone to your favourite bluetooth compatible speakers or headphones for music play.


Check out the video showing iPhone 3G running beta firmware 3.0 streaming audio to the car stereo of Toyota Venza over bluetooth after the jump…

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