Comparing to many of iPhone’s smartphone companions, the iPhone has just been made a whole lot more interesting. Softbank (Japan) has just given Japanese iPhone users an interesting mobile TV add-on, I’m not talking about some sort of new iPhone application neither is it some kind of latest technology, but a whole new separate tv tuner unit and aerial that will have the ability to retransmit signal over Wi-fi to the iPhone.

In Japan, 1Seg TV is popular which lets Japanese watch mobile TV on their mobile devices. And many Japanese mobile phones come with built-in 1Seg TV tuner except the iPhone.

So I guess the Japanese love their tele just as much as we brits do!

This new 1Seg TV tuner gadget by Softbank will of course also include its own additional battery and in fact, is a more like a separate unit on its own. To get it going, all that will need to be done is to plug in the tuner to the proprietary port of the iPhone 3G, then it will start receiving 1Seg broadcast giving you mobile tv.

However, here’s the catch, it doesn’t actually display images on your iPhone, it displays it on its own separate screen, which doesn’t appeal to me as anything near portable at all! Assuming this broadcast system in Japanese is free, I think I would still have to be pretty desparate to watch 1Seg TV to have me carry around all those gadget, so I think I’ll pass for now…

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If you or someone you know loves to play games like Street Fighter, then you will know things can get abit out of hand or too much for the PSP to handle. Sometimes in order to pull the right move you want, you need a proper controller. That’s not the reason why modder “F00″ built this mod but its a great excuse to get your hands on this I think very cool and unique SNES controller mod.

The mod was done when F00 was approached to do a mod for someone who had difficulty with the controls on the PSP, here’s how it was built…

This mod was achieved by adding a small socket to the back of the psp ( the socket was sent to me by a friend some time ago so I dont have a part number. I believe it was intended for a cell phone). I taped all of the relevant points on the psp mother board (some of which where horribly close together and tiny. Actually not some ALL of them where), and then ran these to the socket. I used a file and dremal to cut a whole in the back of the psp and the socket fitted in with a satisfying *click*. I then put together a custom cable and plug that would fit the newly attached socket. This was then wired to the snes controllers pcb (attached directly to the traces of each button.

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I’m not a big fan of gold plated or made-of-gold gadgets, but if you are, you might be interested in Super Talent’s latest super luxurious usb Pico-C drives. These ever so shiny usb drives were unveiled this week and are definitely not just for laughs, according to announcements the drives you see pictured will only be available in limited quantities and each will come with its own serialised Certificate of Authenticity.

For those who don’t know much about Pico-C drives, you will no doubt at some point probably have seen someone use one of these. They have been popular due to its fantastic slim design, well recognised to be one of Super Talent’s best products thus far and on top of that even Gizmodo gave them a big mention, so here’s just a recap for you:

The Pico-C has become the hallmark of style and quality in USB drives. Prized for its beautiful design and incredibly small size, the Pico-C is also water resistant and fast, supporting up to 200X (30MB/sec) data transfer speeds. The Pico-Cs amazing qualities account for the scores of prestigious Awards the Pico-C has amassed, including being featured on the July-08 cover of Popular Science and being named as a Top 10 Record-Breaking Consumer Gadget by Gizmodo.

So what about the one that’s just been announced? Super Talent is now offering an 8GB custom-made version as I mentioned and it won’t have anything fancy from the hardware point of view but physically it will be made of 18-Carat solid gold (not plated gold, or gold colour), what you will receive along with this are the following:

  • Serialized Certificate of Authenticity
  • 18-carat gold keychain
  • FIPS certified AES-256 Encryption software
  • Your  text or logo laser etch onto the drive at no charge
  • Black velvet jewelry box

Like I said, this is going to be a very fancy usb flash drive and you will probably be thinking, this would make a great gift for some one special. If that’s you, you will need to know that it will only be available on a pre-order basis for a limited time, with three to four weeks lead time. Part number STC8GBPCKG is offered to resellers at $599.

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Transcend which ranks number two in Q2 2008 with 13.48% of USB flash drive global market share has launched its latest product, the StoreJet 25C. It’s a 2.5-inch portable hard drive with 500GB of storage capacity. The device supports USB 2.0 interface and plug and play. No word on pricing at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted!

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This seems kind of strange to me, but would love to see everyone’s comments.

China’s main mobile provider, correct me if I’m wrong: China Mobile, have already been said to be the carrier that will be bringing China their first Google phone (apart from those from the black market that is!). But instead of going for the now internationally recognised first Google phone: T-Mobile G1 / HTC G1, it’s now been said that they will be getting its own version of an Android device via currently the world’s fourth largest personal computer manufacturer, Lenovo from the first quarter beginning of 2009.

Currently in the black market in China, the T-Mobile G1 can go for as much as $550 USD, which is already quite a considerable sum of money. In addition to that, the handset need to be unlocked if you’re not a T-Mobile customer and that costs another $73, which totals up to over $620 USD for an unofficially unlocked G1.

Though I’m not sure whether this pricing has now been affected by the news that officially unlocked T-Mobile G1 only costs a little bit more at $700 USD. Maybe this blackmarket has something to do with China Mobile’s decision?

[via Shanghaiist]

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Not only does this DIY project include my favourite Lego building blocks but it is also mechanical (moves) AND it’s controlled via an iPhone! How cool is that? As you will see in the video, this homemade contraption has been set to perform an action (in this case, bend down so that the bottle it is holding pours out) every time it sees the word “pour” in a Pownce RSS feed, very clever stuff.

Don’t expect too much though, this is just a simple gimmick, it doesn’t appear from the video as though it has any sensors to know when to stop pouring. And of course, it doesn’t know neither where your cup is, so you have to place it in the right place for it.

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I never thought an eco-friendly gadget almost based on the same concept as the HyMini would become reality as quickly as this. Now already available from IWantOneOfThose, the Mini Kin Green Power Generator magically harvests wind power and stores it into its rechargeable battery pack so that when your gadgets need abit of extra power for that crucial moment, you can rest assure that you’ve got backup.

It straps onto your arm, bicycle, boat, dog – if there’s room you can pretty much strap it to anything. The wind turns the propeller, which in turn powers the turbine and creates enough energy to power up your rechargeable gizmos. All you need to do is plug the battery unit into your iPod, mobile phone or PDA and you’ll soon have enough of a charge to see you through the next phone call or playlist. Perfect for the little green person inside all of us and it’s incredibly satisfying to say that your mobile is wind powered!


  • A wind powered rechargeable battery pack that can clip on to your arm, bicycle (pretty much anything that has space for clipping).
  • Clip it on and let the wind do the rest.
  • When your phone needs that extra bit of juice just 60 minutes attached to this charger can provide you with up to 150 mins of call time.
  • This adds practically nothing to your carbon footprint, unless you charge the battery pack using the USB connection.

Compatible with the following devices:

  • MP3 Players (including iPods)
  • PDA’s
  • Blackberrys
  • Most models of digital camera.
  • the following makes of mobile phones: Nokia; Samsung; Sony Ericsson; LG; Motorola x2; iPhone.
  • Anything with a mini USB input.
  • Size: 12 x 8 x 3cm

Though the Mini Kin Green Power Generator will set you back by an online price of £29, if you think it is exactly what you need to replace that lot of chargers that you carry around whenever you need to leave the house for more than a day or two just to make sure you stay connected, then use our source link below for more info…

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