Video: Review of BlackBerry Storm 9500

On November 12, 2008, in Cell Phones, by KLS

We’ve talked quite abit about the new BlackBerry Storm has it was first unveiled, you will also remember we featured a hands on first look at the phone last month. This week we received an update from Tom over at about their latest review of the new flagship and we highly recommend you watch it (below), it’s got great detail on some of the features which many were hoping to find out more about.

For example, RIM’s clickable touchscreen technology which really is quite something if you know how difficult it is for these to work properly. Also like we mentioned before, on the BlackBerry Storm you can create texts in the horizontal or landscape position without having the install an additional paid application, for some odd reason Steve Jobs never thought of this on the iPhone. The user interface and additional functions like GPS all seem to work pretty well, however the major downside in my view is the lack of WiFi which means you’re having to rely on HSDPA via Vodafone.


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The security and surveillance company Macroswiss illustrates in the following video some of the newest and latest robotic technology which they have been working on. The little spybot with the built-in mini Uzi is neat, but also check out the Hydrobot, which is a spybot for boats taking the form of a floating seagull as a disguise to hide away it’s cameras.

Though what you see are essentially Macroswiss’ robots in its very early demo stages and are literallly concepts in the making, if you’re interested there are also a number of other videos available online via YouTube (search for Macroswiss Security Robots on FutureWeapons).

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Though the new Need for Speed Undercover isn’t yet released, we can now confirm with you it will soon be hitting the store shelves on November 18, coming to every console you can imagine – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Wii, Nintendo DS and PC. Which brings me on to showing you another exciting, mouth watering new feature of this new release: customization mode!

Basically, its as simple as what you hear. This new feature lets players modify just about anything on their car then race it! Here’s a quick gallery…

Hit the link below to watch a video which has recently been featured by Techeblog:

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I don’t think there is any further need to dwell on what the BlackBerry Storm 9500 is or does because it has really had a huge amount of publicity. We’d just like to update you on some quick news for those in the UK who have been interested – the BlackBerry Storm 9500 is now available for pre-ordering exclusively from Phones4u. Phones4u won the bid for RIM’s latest flagship over its UK mobile market rival the Carphone Warehouse, so if the BlackBerry Storm is the smartphone you’re after, I’m afraid that will be the only place where you will be able to take out a contract for it.

In terms of the current contract offer that is available from Phones4u, it’s a two-year contract, in which you will receive the BlackBerry Storm complete free. As you will know the only network in which the Storm will be available is Vodafone. What you will receive with this 35-pound per month deal is 600 inclusive minutes and 3000 texts! In addition, what you get for pre-ordering from Phones4u is a free 8GB memory card for all sorts of application downloading, videos and music, etc… In addition to the free memory card, you will also receive unlimited internet and email access plus six months free Vodafone Find and Go.

We are aware that there is also another offering on promotion for the BlackBerry Storm 9500, we’ll have details of that tariff for you soon. Phones4u states that for those who decide to pre-order, their orders will be aimed to be dispatched by November 14th, which I suppose if you pre-order within the space of this week then you are likely to receive your Storm by early next week. We’ll keep everyone updated of more news!

Hit the link here for more info on the offer mentioned above…

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What would Photoshop look like in real life?

On November 10, 2008, in Geeky, by KLS

This project shows us what our favourite graphics creating / editing software Adobe Photoshop would look like if the user interface were rendered in real life.

For those who have doubts on whether the above image could have been just another ‘photoshop’ gimmick, check out the gallery featuring the entire process of how this was done here

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I’m sure you will know what great hopes have grown on Microsoft’s next generation of upcoming Windows – Windows Seven. Every PC user is just wishing that Microsoft have learnt from the tremendous amount of poor feedback they have received from Vista. So far a good number of experts around the internet have already published what they thought about testing the demo version of Windows Seven and so far so good!

One of new major features people can’t stop talking about is the multi-touch touchscreen functionality (which will only be available in PCs with a compatible screen, mind you!), so that’s exactly what we’ve got a video showcasing for you today. Do tell us what you think of this new feature, are you hopeful or do you think it’s not worthing bothering?

[via CrunchGear]

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If you’ve been a long time reader here at GadgetLite, you might remember when we first mentioned the Digital Cowboy Pod Cowboy, which was essentially a protective case made for iPod Shuffles that looked like Japanese kids’ schoolbags. We don’t know a whole lot about Digital Cowboy, mainly because it seems its products are mostly confined to within Japan, though it could be possible that they’re really popular in Japn! Despite this, here is one which has raised some awareness on it’s unique design during Digital Cowboy’s release.

Digital Cowboy’s latest product is a book like disguised 3.5-inch HDD hard drive, called the W-31UA. As pictured, the HDD can be stacked up in a bookshelf and no one will possibly know it was even there. It’s disguise gives it a vintage hard cover look, titled as ‘HARDBOX’, it’s dimensions are 200 x 159.5 x 40 mm. But I’m not entirely sure about the LED lights located near the bottom on it’s side, that kind of gives it away!

[via Digital Cowboy]

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