Remember when we featured Swype, one of the newest concepts in typing emails and texts on mobile / portable devices? Now we’ve got something very similar on an iPhone app called WritingPad.

The free productivity app WritingPad quietly and neatly eliminates the problem of stabbing the iPhone’s keyboard in order to type an e-mail or note. Instead of entering letters one by one and waiting for the predictive text to kick in (which I spend alot of time doing!), you use your finger to trace a line from one letter to the next, so it will essentially looks like a squiggle on the keyboard, but it renders as a letter.

You don’t have to concern yourself with avoiding letters you don’t need, or with double letters like o’s or n’s. You don’t even have to worry about manually entering a space between letters because WritingPad will do that, too. In the event your word isn’t in the predictive list, it helpfully lets you add one to the library by entering it letter by letter and then pressing the Space key.

WritingPad struggles with “I’m” and makes it hard to easily access common symbols like the exclamation mark. It also won’t work in landscape mode at this point. The biggest downside to me is that getting the app won’t allow you to use WritingPad as a replacement text input method for your e-mail inbox or SMS which is a shame, but these are minor problems when you consider you gain the convenience of being able to mail notes to your contacts.

Remember WritingPad is free and is available for instant download from the AppStore, if you would like more info, we suggest you visit the ShapeWriter link here

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Buffalo has just announced their latest Lupin the Third and Gundam 4GB USB key / flash drives. The designs are amazing as you can see in the gallery below. In my opinion, they are deemed to make your friends jealous as soon as you take one of these out of your pocket. So there you go, another possible candidate for this year’s Christmas list!

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One annoying thing about using Vista is that it’s got this new feature that XP didn’t used to have. You can delete the recycling bin on your desktop! Though your recycling bin doesn’t look like a desktop shortcut, in fact it is!

So don’t panic, if you have deleted it, it’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you will never ever be able to remove anything from your PC again.

In today’s tip, the video below will show you how you can restore your recycling bin easily…

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The greenMeter, recently released by Hunter Research and Technologies, is an iPhone application with a mission to keep track of your car’s carbon footprint and fuel efficiency (as you can see in the picture below).

The program uses a multitude of variables to make its calculations, including weather conditions, cost of fuel, and vehicle weight. More advanced measurements such as drag coefficient, vehicle pitch, and rolling resistance can be calculated using estimates available on the company’s website.

It’s been said the greenMeter is most accurate if it is placed on the dashboard or console between the two front seats. If you’re a keen environmentalist and is planning on trying out the greenMeter, just be careful that you don’t run into the problem of looking at the screen more than the road!

The greenMeter is available for download from the iTunes App Store for $5.99, it runs on the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch (for iPhone, firmware 2.0 or above is required).

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You will have heard of the news that Nintendo, like Sony is updating its popular handheld gaming device but with very little changes to its physical appearance. The new Nintendo DS will be called the Nintendo DSi, I suppose the most obvious feature is a slightly larger screen along with a 3 megapixel camera along with a proper SD memory card slot, other hidden features include audio enhancements including the functionality to listen to mp3s.

For more info, I suggest you click here

From what we previously gathered from Nintendo UK, the DSi is now available first in Japan with a retail price tag of 18,900.00 JPY which converts to about £120 pounds. As for other countries, we will need to wait til 2009, so unfortunately, it will be very unlikely that you will see one of these under your Christmas tree (unless of course, if you pop around eBay, but it costs alot more!).

Thanks to, the first ever iPhone synthesizer is finally here. Now you can mix up your own music no matter where you are with your iPhone. was designed with musicians and DJ’s in mind for those who love to develop, create and show off their own music. In addition to that, is not a simple app, it is packed with well thought out, detailed features and has a powerful user interface.

For a complete amateur like myself, I had alot of difficulty learning how to use it in the first place, fortunately does offer some instructions on their website and their forum was quite useful too. One of the features of which will prove to be popular among users is it’s ability to allow you to share your presets with other users via the web.

The video below contains a demo electronic track produced using an iPhone with! is available for purchase online for $5.99 via the AppStore, we recommend you check out more info first using the link below before you commit yourself to buying though!

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Just found two short clips on YouTube (part one and two) of a Japanese guy, DIY enthusiast I reckon, disassembling his Google Android T-Mobile G1, I wonder what exactly it is that he’s interested in finding out about. He looked like he knew what he was doing, I wish I knew what he was saying though, if anyone could translate this, we would greatly appreciate it!

Otherwise, we don’t recommend you try this at home!
Part 1

Part 2

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