Most case mods that get featured online are usually very well done. As for this one, its been done so elegantly – its a complete disguise. The Samsung Eternity (A867), not really a popular phone known to many here in the UK is actually hidden on the underside of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller you see in the photo below.


If you hop through the jump, you’re see in the video that everything works perfectly fine (the phone that is!)…

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This is an extremely geeky app. The Metal Detector app available only for Android is exactly what it says on the tin. By making use of the HTC T-Mobile G1′s built-in magnetometer which the G1 uses as a compass, G1 users will be able to customise and configure the app in terms of sound effects, vibrations, sensitivities to their liking.

Check out this demo video put together by the HDBlog:

It seems like the sensitivity won’t be great for users who plan on detecting smaller metal objects, but if its just a case of missing keys,

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Current Cost, a company which specialises in high tech products for improving energy efficiency, reducing energy costs in both individual households and large scale organisations have launched a new product called ENVI. ENVI as you would imagine is an energy monitor, monitoring your home’s electricity usage. What is unique about Current Cost’s real-time energy monitors is that these allows you to read the gathered data using an application on your PC. Connecting a serial cable to the display downloads the information in XML format. A number of developers have created applications which uses the data gathered by the energy monitor (see examples here). Analysing this data will allow the user to hopefully change their energy consumption behaviour and therefore lead to improved energy efficiency.


We’ve been told, we’ll soon be sent a demo unit to try out, so hopefully we’ll have more news and thoughts on this eco-friendly gadget for you very soon.

Full press release to follow after the jump.

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The Samsung Omnia has really come a long way since it was first released. Phonearena have put together a nice video review of the latest version of the Omnia, the Omnia HD i8910. Not only does it have a competitive eight megapixel camera with flash, HD video recording and playback, a surprisingly good battery life, and a form factor that’s not too hard on the pocket, measuring in at just a wee bit taller and thicker than the HTC Touch HD. You will also see from the video that its AMOLED looks brilliant, highly responsive to touch and seems simple and easy to get use to.

Check out the video review by Phonearena:

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Oh sweet lord, a new a$$ kicking trailer of the upcoming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is out and yes, we’ve got it embedded below in high definition.

Here are just two of the screenies from the trailer – Optimus gets seriously wrecked like he always does and Megan Fox looking sexy!



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Video: LG Viewty Smart GC900

On May 4, 2009, in Cell Phones, by KLS

The LG Viewty Smart carries on the heritage of the first LG Viewty which was one of the first full touchscreen mobiles to sport a five-megapixel camera and direct video upload onto YouTube. Having sold over 6.5 million units worldwide, the second incarnation of Viewty offers even greater enjoyment while viewing and sharing, in addition to taking still and moving pictures, with a number of upgraded features in addition to its Intelligent Shot Mode. Main features of the new LG Viewty Smart GC900 include an 8 megapixel sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 1600, a higher resolution WVGA touchscreen, a more intelligent image processor and LGs easy-to-use S-Class User Interface (UI).

Checkout the video from LG below:

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Weekly Roundup 3rd May 2009

On May 3, 2009, in Weekly Roundup, by KLS

Hope everyone has had a good weekend so far, the above were some of the gadgets and tech we featured this week. Its not always possible to talk about them all here at GadgetLite so the list of links from our neighbouring friends’ blogs below hopefully gives you a bit more for your craving needs! If you own a tech, gadget blog yourself you can always Twitter us some links to be shared and featured in this list, for now have a good weekend everyone!

We’ve also got a new gadget prize draw up and running, this time three winners will be chosen, so be sure to head over and take a look: