Just hours into our post about a possible Playstation redesign known as the PS3 Slim, a user has now posted photos onto a Japanese message board of the slimmed down Playstation 3.


You will notice that if these shots are real, Sony has decided to drop the “Playstation 3″ logo and instead replace it with PS3.

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Just an update anyone who has recently checked out our Roundup: Two Three ways to downgrade iPhone 3G baseband. We’ve updated the article because there is now an even better, simplier method does downgrades your iPhone 3G’s baseband back down from 02.30 to 02.28 allowing you to unlock your iPhone 3G using yellowsn0w for use with any network.


As you can see in the screenshots above, this new tool called 3G Fuzzyband Downgrader automatically checks your bootloader version to make sure it is 5.08 and then downgrades your iPhone 3G’s baseband for you seaminglessly.

If you’re looking to downgrade your iPhone 3G’s baseband, or you haven’t been so successful with other methods, we definitely recommend checking out 3G Fuzzyband Downgrader here: Roundup: Two Three ways to downgrade iPhone 3G baseband

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Rumors have revealed that according to some sources, Sony might be showing off a slimmer version of its PlayStation 3 console as soon as a few months, in June later this year. While Sony UK have thus far denied any of this to be true. A slim redesign of the console falls right in line with “Sir Howard Stringer’s recent comments about the system being too expensive a trimmed-up redesign is right on schedule with those smaller Cell and RSX chips.” Might we see a PS3 Slim as well as a Playstation branded Sony Ericsson phone soon?

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Apple responds to Microsoft’s ton of “choosing the right PC” ads with one new “Get a Mac” ad that strikes them all. In the ad below, new character Megan just wants a computer that’s virus and headache free, check it out, its absolutely brilliant stuff!

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If you’re a user of the T-Mobile G1 or any other Android device, you now have access to Google’s latest Sky Map app which was unveiled just yesterday. The Google Sky Map Android app is basically a map of the stars in the sky, using GPS, it determines your location and serve up the map of stars you can view from your location.

You can hold up the phone to the sky and the map will show which stars are viewable in the direction in which the phone is held. While there are similar apps for the iPhone, we are not aware of any that allows the user to move the device along with the map instantly following.

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Demoed on video: Google Squared

On May 13, 2009, in Technology, by KLS

As we mentioned briefly yesterday, Google Squared is one of Google lab’s latest technology in the making. Google Squared extracts data from web pages and presents them in search results as squares in an online spreadsheet for the user who is doing the search. TechCrunch was at the Searchology event, check out the video demo of Google Squared below:

Google Squared is launching later this month in labs. Google Squared returns search results in a spreadsheet format. It structures the unstructured data on web pages. So a search for Small Dogs returns results with names, description, size, weight, origin, etc., in columns and rows.

Google is looking for data structures on the web that imply facts, and then grabbing it for Squared results. “It takes an incredible amount of compute power to create one of those squares,” she says.

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We posted Google’s latest announcement of new features to its search engine yesterday. It may seems complicated. One of the other cool things that Google has released with Search Options is Wonder Wheel, which is a visual representation of Google search results that you can’t miss – the text is rendered in classic multi-colored Google fashion. Wonder Wheel places your search topic inside of a light blue circle and places related terms around it. Search results still appear to the right of the Wonder Wheel. Google has also included Timeline in this update, another visualization of search results based on the date of the content.

The video below gives a short overview of Wonder Wheel, the timeline option, and other new Google search options.