Although I’m not certain how many will Apple fans will appreciate and support this idea but it seems Hardmac, the English-language version of France’s MacBidouille thinks the iPhone maker will soon be putting up a new line up of iPod Touch and iPod Nano players later this September with a camera like that of the iPhone.

Yes a camera can be handy from time to time, but this isn’t really a function thats popular among portable music players. You can also argue that there aren’t many users with iPods that don’t also have a mobile phone with a camera.


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Got a spare netbook and some spare time? If you’ve been hooked up into the latest trend of downloading Windows 7 RC and testing it out, then it looks like here’s an opportunity to do the same, but on your netbook. John from Gizmodo has written a nice post on how you can install the recently released Windows 7 RC on just about any netbook.


The main problem encountered so far has been the fact that netbooks don’t have a disc drive and their small capacity SSDs don’t offer much help neither. The solution you’ll see if you hit the link below is that you’ll need to boot from a USB drive of at least 4GB of free memory and do make sure that your netbook has at least 8GB free from its SSD!

[via Gizmodo]

By the way, you’ll need to have already downloaded a copy of Windows 7 RC before you can begin!

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We’re very jealous, the folks over at Pocket-Lint recently got to play with the Acer Aspire Revo nettop which should already be out in the shops near you (since 5th of May). The Aspire Revo nettop is unique as its one of the first of its class to be equipped with new Nvidia ION chips allowing its Intel Atom powered core to display 1080p footage as well as playing games in 3D.


As you will see in the pictures, if you opt for the third option with a pricetag of £299.99 (options here). You’ll get to mount your Aspire Revo onto the back of your PC monitor using its VESTA mount and receive a wireless bar shaped game pad (will cost about £50 on its own) which looks much like that of the Wii’s.

Full gallery after the cut…

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This is definitely the world’s first. The Spanish technology company iUnika announced last week a series of lightweight and eco-friendly netbooks. While it must be admitted that these are not suited for those keen on gaming, the GYY netbooks would just about do everything else the average user requires.


To hit the European market this summer, in June. The netbooks come with a low energy demanding 400MHz CPU, 128MB of RAM, an 8-inch screen a max resolution of 800×400 and a 64GB SSD drive. Although the iUnika GYY netbooks don’t seem to be capable of pushing out much juice, one thing is for sure, it does have quite a large capacity of memory for a netbook.

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We will still need to confirm whether this will be a Japan exclusive. But for 398,000 Yen (that’s €3080, £2758 or $4180) the latest in technology 19.5mm x 25.5mm Toshiba Dynabook SS RX2/WAJ sports a Core 2 Duo SU9400 (1.40GHz) processor, 3GB of RAM, Intel GS45 Express, DVD Super Multi and a 12.1” WXGA LCD and a 512 GB SSD (may be that’s what the price is for?). Of course, along with this price tag you will also get WiFi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, etc. According to Toshiba, this massive 512 GB SSD runs eight times faster than a 5400rmp 2.5” HDD.


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Designed for phones like the iPhone, iPod Touch and other popular mobiles like BlackBerrys, the iZel cell phone stand is a multifunctional mobile phone stand. Great for supporting landscape and portrait mode, just snap here and snap there and you’ve got a stand in seconds. Though the iZel is made of grippy material, it still looks as if the iPhone in the video can easily fall off, thus I’m not too convinced in that respect.


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Weekly Roundup 16th May 2009

On May 16, 2009, in Weekly Roundup, by SSC

Sony shows you how BRAVIA WE 5 presence sensors work

Leaked: Shots of latest RIM BlackBerry Storm 2

Official: LG Viewty Smart GC900 arriving UK this month

Leaked: Photos of Playstation 3 Slim

New tool downgrades your iPhone 3G’s baseband in a single tap

Rumor: PS3 redesign – “PS3 Slim” in the making?

Apple outs another brilliant ad: Megan just wants something without viruses!

Android app Google Sky Map tells you which constellation lies above

Demoed on video: Google Squared

Video: Google Wonder Wheel, the timeline, and other new google search options

Samsung launches 32GB memory card using 30nm class NAND

Sony X-series OLED Walkman on sale in the UK now!

Dell ST2010 20 inch HD widescreen monitor launched

Amazon Kindle 2 gets ColorWared

New Google features: Google Search Options, Google Squared, Rich Snippets, Sky Map for Android

Leaked: Revised second generation T-Mobile HTC G1 called Bigfoot

Video: Samsung i7500 Android hands on

Phonedog shows you cool widgets from latest Android 1.5 Cupcake update

Sony Ericsson rethinking PlayStation phone to stay in the game?

Retro flip watch by Fatman and Circuit Girl

New Panasonic Fukitorimushi worm like robotic hoover looks creepy

Gallery: Camera test – photos taken with Nokia N97

Top 49 free, addictive games to waste time

Video: New world’s smallest car soon to be crowned

Hope everyone has had a good weekend so far, the above were some of the gadgets and tech we featured this week. Its not always possible to talk about them all here at GadgetLite so the list of links from our neighbouring friends’ blogs below hopefully gives you a bit more for your craving needs! If you own a tech, gadget blog yourself you can always Twitter us some links to be shared and featured in this list, for now have a good weekend everyone!

Geeky Watches – Diesel DZ9044 Watch | Geeky Gadgets

ASUS Eee Keyboard to launch by end of June

Study ball keeps you not to run away from your study

iPhone App allows Barcode Scanning

ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-M

Cool-er Ebook Reader | Geeky Gadgets

Skate 2 Takes Back The Streets Of London

Fujitsu launches new service – ‘Business Process Discovery’

Toshiba Consumer Products Launches EPiServer-based Website with State-of-the-Art Product Selector

Vodafone enhances Grant Thornton’s client service in £2m deal