Have you woken up this morning to find that your iPhone / iPad or even Mac Safari browser crashing or not working when you tap on its address bar for a search or to enter an URL? An issue has surfaced in the wake of site crashsafari.com, a website which forces Safari to crash once a user clicks on a link to it. However, many users haven’t been to this site are having the same problem so this suggests there must be a glitch in the latest iOS 9.2.1 which Apple has yet to provide a comment on. While we wait for an official solution, there seems to be two temporary solutions to the problem.

iphone safari browser crash

Solution 1: Switch off Safari Suggestions

Go to Settings > Safari and switch off this feature, this appears to bypass the problem and restores normal address bar function.

iphone ios safari browser crash not working fix

Solution 2: Go into Private Browsing Mode

Go into Safari, tap the tabs icon in the lower right of your screen then tap Private to the left of your screen.

iphone ios safari crashing solution

Whilst these solutions will only offer a temporary fix to the Safari Browser crash problem, at least it seems to be a reliable fix for now until we hear an official comment from Apple. We’ll keep you updated. In the mean time, do comment if you discover other methods to solving the issue.

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2 Responses to Temporary solution to iPhone Safari browser crashing when using address bar

  1. 1
    Mike Davies says:

    Permanent solution; get an Android phone.

  2. 2
    daniel says:

    Thanks for the post .the iPhone are best to use.

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