The world of exchange betting is one of the most frantic environments in the gambling world and to stay on top of the action you either need a computer processor in your brain or some software to help you. Fortunately, Betfair has a range of products to help its punters, including an exchange betting app called BetTrader. Designed to find, collate and display the latest odds in a fraction of a second, this app has been described as a “must-have” tool for traders of all persuasions.


Before we take a look at some of BetTrader’s finer features, let’s quickly outline what exchange betting is and how a trader aims to make a profit in the market. A betting exchange is one that gives punters the chance to both back and lay on a proposition. To back a side you basically take the odds offered by a bookmaker and hope the team/ individual wins. In contrast, if someone doesn’t believe a team/ individual is going to win they can lay odds against them.


A Trader’s Mission


Someone who plays the sports betting exchange is known as a trader and their mission is simple: to make a profit by scanning the market and finding the best odds on either side of the divide. Essentially, a trader will back and lay various propositions and, generally, try to make their profits by laying.


Much of a trader’s time is spent in the in-play market; however, keeping up with all the market shifts can be tough. This is where a betting exchange app such as BetTrader comes into play.

By utilising Betfair’s API (basically a platform that allows third-party software providers to plug into the mainframe), BetTrader is able to deliver up to 20 refreshes every second. This means the app can provide the most accurate live data directly to the user. Not only that but it allows them to store the data and display it in a way that’s easy to read.

Exchange betting can be a fantastic way to make money if you have an appreciation of odds and a deep knowledge of a particular sport. However, all this is somewhat useless if you can’t react quick enough to beat the market. Thankfully, an exchange betting app such as BetTrader can act as a remedy for this problem and while it might not guarantee you a profit, it will certainly get you a lot closer to your financial goal than if you didn’t have it.

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