Apparently the number of people who see their phone as a gaming device first and foremost and device for communication with the rest of society second, is growing. According to a survey on online and gaming habits in the UK carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau in 2014, 54% of respondents said that their number one place to game was on their phone. And of that 54%, a quarter of them used their phone for gaming every day.

This doesn’t come as that surprising news when you look around you, almost anywhere that you might be. Everyone seems to be on their phones and they’re not just talking or texting. Games come in all varieties; from the casino classics like roulette and blackjack that you’ll find at websites such as bgo, Coral or Sky Vegas, through to a range of puzzle games that first came to prominence on social media like Facebook, such as Candy Crush.

Playing games on the phone is a great way to fill time when you’re waiting for someone or something. And the choice of games is vast – if you visit the bgo online casino you’ll see that from the full range of games that you can play on the website, there’s a wide selection that you can play on the mobile too. It’s not surprising that people are opting to play real money games on their mobile when they’re just as accessible as the other gaming apps.

So, when you’re choosing which kind of phone you upgrade to, what’s most important to you? Non-gamers might focus on the number of minutes, texts and amount of mobile data that they get, but those who like to game on their mobiles might be more interested in what gaming possibilities the different types of phone – iOS, Android or Windows – offer. So let’s take a look at what’s good and bad when gaming on the different platforms.

Each platform has its own gaming catalogue – Google Play for Android, the iOS App Store, and the Windows Phone Store. For anyone with a passing interest in gaming, the choice on any of these will seem almost limitless with plenty of variety. On both the App Store and Google Play, the apps for games number around 250,000 on each. That’s not to say that all the games will appeal to you, so it’s sensible not to download a game without checking out the reviews that have been written about it first. You’ll be able to judge what other players think of individual apps by the star rating that they give them.

If exclusivity is important to you, you may be better off choosing an iOS device – Apple seems to get the exclusive licenses on games more frequently than Android or Windows. But exclusivity usually only lasts for a certain period and then the games are become available in the other platforms. So if you don’t mind waiting for the new games, you’ve no need to commit to iOS. The Windows Phone Store does have a few exclusive titles, but these are often mobile friendly versions of an Xbox game, not games that have been developed just for mobile devices.

The other main consideration is how much you want to pay to play. Many people will never pay for a gaming app, and with the wide range of choice of free games on Android, it’s not surprising that we make do with the freebies. Quite a few titles that you pay for on iOS are available for free on Android, so that’s something to bear in mind when deciding which mobile platform to go for. All three platforms charge about the same for paid games, so there’s not much to choose between there. However, Android does seem to have special offers more regularly than the other two platforms.

If you’re the kind of gamer who has to have access to the latest and most exclusive games as soon as possible, you’re probably better off playing on an iOS device. However, for value for money and variety of gaming choice, Android seems to be the best choice. The Windows Phone’s gaming options are rather lacklustre in comparison.

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