Gadgets to cheat at the casino

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If you want to see the ideal way to cheat at casino, then watch Ocean’s 13, where Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan (George Clooney and Brad Pitt) are playing craps and jam the three servers at the casino using magnetron devices disguised as lighters. Jamming the servers for three minutes allowing them to have full control of the movement of the dice and they steal a fortune from the casino.

Of course, this is fiction, but there have been plenty of devices used over the years to cheat at casinos. Not all of them were successful and many cheaters have been caught in the act and ejected from the casino with more than a little hurt pride.

Tried and tested, but not always successful, casino cheats

Today, the majority of people who play casino games do so online at sites like bgo or Gday casino. If you’ve not yet signed up to an online casino and aren’t sure where to start, check out the online casino reviews at and this will help you identify which sites offer the best welcome bonuses and range of games.

Thanks to the fact that the games at NetEnt casinos are run by random number generator software, it’s simply not a possibility to cheat when playing games like roulette, craps or blackjack online. Just as well that the majority of people who play online casino aren’t there to attempt to beat the system! What most players are looking for are great games which will entertain them and maybe reward them with the occasional win in return for the bets they place.

However, just for interest’s sake, we’ve rounded up a few of the gadgets or methods that have been used in attempts to cheat casinos over the years. Oh, just a note of caution, this article is just for fun and by no means are we encouraging anyone to even attempt to cheat at a casino!

Controlled rolling

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Playing a game like craps you could smuggle in your own scrambled dice to play with. This means that the dice are drilled into and then have lead weights added inside them which makes one side heavier. If you are skilful enough to doctor the dice and then switch them at a craps table without getting caught, you could improve your odds with some controlled rolling of the dice.

Card counter app

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If you’re playing blackjack, one of the ways you can improve your chances is through card counting which, strictly speaking, isn’t illegal. However, using a device to count cards with is a definite no-no. There’s a blackjack card counter app you can download onto your phone which then keeps a running and true count of the cards, with four different methods – the HiLo, the Hi-Opt-I, Hi-Opt-II or Omega II method. The trouble is that the casino ‘eyes and ears’ are trained to make sure noone gets away with cheating.

Card holdout device

One of the earliest ways to cheat at a card game was to use a card holdout device. These were first used in the early 19th century and consist of a gadget you strap to your arm and wear under a coat so that you can deal yourself better cards should you need them to win at the tables. The main risk here, as with most of the casino cheats, is what happens should you get caught…

If you’re going to play casino, it’s probably best just to take your chances and see if luck is on your side, rather than face the risks of being discovered as being a casino cheat.

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